A Friday Without Favourites

I started writing this blog post at 11:30 this morning, I have faffed about since then, procrastinated and put it off, the words won't come and I haven't had time to read any blogs this week to put together a pick of my favourites. It's 17:00 now and that feeling of panic is growing and rising in my tummy, I stress myself out so much at getting a post up in the morning on this blog and forget that this is my little spot and can publish when and where I like, about exactly what I like.

In March I will have completed one whole year of daily blogging, which will be insane and now that I am so close, I definitely don't want to give up. So today, instead of sharing my picks of the week I thought I'd share a photo I just took of my Katie cat in her little Christmas jumper looking as cute as cute can be.

Merry Christmas loves xx