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Goodbye May

Goodbye May


I'm sat crossed legged on my sofa writing this post in a hungover, sleep deprived daze. I've been attempting to write for the past 2 hours but my mind is struggling to put together coherent sentences. So, that's nice. First, let's just have a little chat about the fact that it's the 29th of May shall we? Where did this month go?!

May, my second favourite month, you have been a roller coaster, there has been a handful of lows and plenty of heady highs. Much like the weather this month I've felt a little like life is in limbo, definitely on the brink of change but not quite there yet.

I don't think I'm even making that much sense right now but let's just go with it, I've challenged myself to blog every day for a year and blog every day I shall, even hungover.

Weekly round up: I have worked really hard this week, exam weeks are always very stressful as is the end of term which is fast approaching, eeek! The week passed in a blue of marking, tea and report writing.

Rhiân and I had planned for her to visit for the weekend, we were hoping for a girly, quiet weekend full of food, chit chat and catching up. We ended up getting in at 8:30 this morning...possibly not quite what we had in mind, but some of the best nights are usually the unplanned ones.

Let's see my week in photos...very few were taken this week:

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My week was fueled by tea, tea and more tea.

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Saturday afternoon pool and sangria time

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The absolutely bloody gorgeous Rhiân who has made me giggle all weekend.

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This photo was taken at 07:07am on our way home... #JustSayin

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Photographing homemade sangria for the blog...

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Sitges at 6:30 in the morning...

It's been one of those wonderfully fun weekends full of laughter, wine and a few G&T's, I may be suffering the consequences of copious amounts of alcohol now but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Day 43 of the 1 year challenge:

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