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Gym visits and midnight dips...

Gym visits and midnight dips...


It's weekly round up time again! This week, as predicted, has been pretty quiet compared to the previous weeks. The temperature soared at the beginning of the week, I made it to the gym every day from Monday to Friday and even managed a yoga session yesterday! I'm planning on going for a little walk with my sister this evening so it's been rather productive on the fitness front. I've also been around a lot more on my 24 Hours In Today social media channels, I'd really like to chat to other bloggers and discover more blogs so if you have any recommendations please leave a comment below with blog or social media links. <3

I've also been editing my June vlog as well this week which is time consuming to say the least! I'm dreading the July edit. I may possibly weekly vlog in August depending on how long it takes me to edit July...we'll see...

Let's take a look at my week in photos...there aren't too many this week.

On Monday I recipe tested, this nutty hummus made my day.


I absolutely love the flowers I was given by a student a few weeks ago. I much prefer receiving plants to flowers as they stay around for so much longer (if I remember to water them that is...)


Smoothies are back! Woohoo!! I had an unfortunate smoothie episode a few weeks ago when I tried experimenting with water melon, melon, chia seeds, oats, milk, berries and god knows what else. It was a disaster that put my completely off smoothies for a few weeks, you live and learn! My only advice with smoothies is to keep them simple, a handful of ingredients at most, it all goes wrong when  you try to over complicate things. (Maybe there's a life metaphor in there somewhere?!)


I've had an eye infection this week... it doesn't show up all too well in this photo but it was very red and sore. I've got some eye drops that are working well though and I've upped my intake of natural antibiotics like ginger and garlic.


I popped over to my mums yesterday and this little munchkin had a good old cuddle with me. Her name is Alice and she's actually Katie's sister!


I found this t-shirt in town... I was beyond tempted...


Rhi came over for a girl night last night, we drank wine, ate pizza, gossiped by the pool and giggled our way onto vodka oranges and a midnight dip in the pool.

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Today was spent lying in the sun, splashing in the pool and laughing about last night's antics. Rhiân left early this evening and I went on a little walk with Jess which was every kind of wonderful.



Here's to a wonderful week next week!

Happy Sunday,


Me x




Falafel Wraps

Falafel Wraps

I have a confession...

I have a confession...