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I have an all girl's class who are kind hearted souls, they participate in every activity we do with plenty of enthusiasm and energy. They are giggly, full of life and want to talk about boys and clothes as much as any other nine to ten year old girl.  A little while ago I wrote a post entitled "Do you  have a boyfriend yet?" The post was inspired by one of the girls in the class who asked me every Tuesday if I had a boyfriend yet. In her mind girls meet boys on the dance floor at weekends and that's how you find a boyfriend. Simples. (She's a little beaut.) Two or three weeks ago the whole class started to ask about my relationship status every chance they had. The moment they see me, even if it's at the entrance of the school they ask the dreaded question "PETA DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND YET?". They tend to shout this particular question because they're so eager to hear my answer, which is completely mortifying, at least it was today in front of a crowd of parents. Cheers girls.

So this afternoon I gave in and asked a question about the subject that they are currently obsessed with.

"Girls, why do you want me to have a boyfriend so badly?" I asked

"Because a boyfriend will make you happy" One replied and the others nodded purposefully in agreement.

"Don't you think I'm happy?" I asked puzzled

"YESSSS!!! You're always happy!!" They chorused together, "but a boyfriend will make you more happy." (We haven't touched upon comparatives when it comes to grammar yet.)

I steered them into the classroom and asked them to sit down.

"A boyfriend won't make me happier, you can't depend on another person to make you happy girls. You have to make yourself happy, and if another person comes along and adds to that happiness it's a bonus and you're a very lucky little person." I told them.

Their response wasn't a surprise, a mixture of tuts, pufffffs and shaking of heads. "Okaaaay, okaaaay Peta." They groaned.

With age and experience eventually you learn the life lesson of not allowing your happiness to depend upon others. For some it comes early on, for others later, but for whomever, it is always perfectly timed.

I set the girls a task to predict their Summer, (we're currently studying the future tense) they were told to create predictions for their classmates too. As you can see my little chat did nothing at all on getting them off the subject of my relationship status and only added offspring into the mix with my imaginary boyfriend.

Oh well, I tried.

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Happy Positive Friday ;)


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