Heartbreaking goodbyes and coach trips.

Goodbyes are my weakness, they always have been. After a week of tough news, family pulling together, emotions running at an all time high and many sleepless nights this morning I waved goodbye and begrudgingly climbed the steps onto the coach heading for Bristol. It's a 3 hour journey which has turned into 7 hours due to coach changes, once in Bristol we'll get another bus to the airport and board a plane flying back home to Barcelona.    The past week has been a daze, in many ways looking back it all feels like a bad dream. It has been unbelievably surreal and exhausting. But it has also shown me, more so than ever before that I have the most incredible family and friends. I am so lucky to be surrounded by strong optimistic souls who love unconditionally and would do anything for those they hold dear to their hearts.

Tough times have a way of bringing everyone close together, don't wait for tough times to show those special people how much they mean to you. Tell them now because you never know what tomorrow could bring.