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Honest & Real

Honest & Real


There's a cup of tea freshly brewed, placed haphazardly in the midst of random belongings cluttering up my desk to the right of me. Soft music is playing in the background and I'm considering lighting a candle, not to complement the mood, but to ward off the mosquitoes and flies that insist it's still summer. With the temperatures we're facing at the moment, it may as well be. In a way I've been putting off publishing a personal post this week. I've written them, read them back and swiftly deleted the carefully crafted sentences. As I've mentioned on many occasions this blog is my happy place and I don't like sharing negative words on here. I will try my best to phrase the goings on of the week in such a way that you don't feel like crawling into a deep dark hole upon reading my thoughts, but at the same time continuing to be honest and real. I see no point at all in glossing over my life whilst blogging or vlogging, after all I wanted to document it for a reason. The good, the bad and the downright ugly. I'm looking at you spare bedroom curtains.


On Monday the family as a whole was still very much struggling to come to terms with my Nan's passing. Without a date for the funeral and delays due to the bank holiday in the UK, there was little we could do but sit, wait and drink tea.

In such situations you desperately want to drop everything and fly back to comfort loved ones and lend a hand in helping to organise everything necessary but it doesn't quite work like that. When you stop frantically searching for flights and means of travel, when you calm down enough to take a breath and formulate rational thoughts, you realise that unfortunately, your life continues, your responsibilities, both personal and work related don't suddenly seize to exist.

With the help of video calls several times a day, long heartfelt phone calls and many messages back and fourth we managed to organise most of the necessary arrangements.


My last day job free day was Wednesday, I planned on tackling my ever growing to do list before returning back to the classroom however the universe had other ideas. I went to see Rhi in Barcelona, missed my train back but managed to finally get my broken phone fixed. Upon arriving home I found that Jess (my sister) had fallen and landed badly on her arm. She hadn't quite explained the severity of her injury to our parents and when I went over she couldn't dress herself. Five minutes later we were off to A&E to get an X-ray.

After waiting for five hours, Jess had a sling on and was told to rest as much as possible. Difficult considering she was flying back to the UK in eight hours time. As we drove home I noticed that all of the street lights and even the traffic lights weren't working. There was a big forest fire in the estate next to us which had completely blown all electric, including ours. I think we were all at breaking point in the early hours of Thursday!

Returning to work at the end of the week took my mind off all the goings on in my personal life and it was great to see some smiley familiar faces.


I've spent this weekend helping to organise the final touches, editing the vlog and creating another 24 Seconds In The Kitchen video. Sometimes all you can do is put the never ending to do list aside and just do what makes you happy. For me that's creating, especially when I have my own memories to create with.

I hope you enjoy this weeks vlog, here's to a calmer week next week.


Me x

P.S I hope the photos I took of Arthur this morning make this post a little sweeter.

Do we really listen?

Do we really listen?

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