How To Make An Advent Calendar | Handmade Christmas Advent

Three years ago, in November I became pretty ill with pneumonia, not being one to sit and do nothing but being told by the doctors to sit and do nothing I decided to make my very own advent calendar I could use year after year.


I needed the Christmas advent to be something that I could make with little physical effort - that would keep me occupied for a fortnight whilst I rested. I decided to make a fabric bunting calendar and hand sew it.

advent calendar

First I gathered various types of scrap fabric and cut them into triangles, I hemmed the top of each triangle, and sewed two triangles together at a time leaving one side un-sewn and turned them inside out.

Then I set about carefully sewing the numbers on each triangle - this is what took the most time.

christmas calendar

Now came the finishing touch of sewing a small piece of ribbon to each corner of the top which would be tied to join the calendar together.

advent bunting

I get the calendar out each year and hang it like bunting filling it with little dark chocolates for the countdown to Christmas.

Do you have a re-usable advent calendar? What is your favourite way to count down the days until Christmas?