How you know you live in Spain.

Spain can be such a frustrating country to live in but it can also be bloody amazing, here are ten things that I'm sure anyone who lives in España can relate to.

  1. You end most questions with the word no. No?
  2. Dinner time is at 22:00 any earlier and you're just enjoying a late lunch.
  3. You find yourself muttering "Ayyyy" in frustrating situations.
  4. You also find yourself exclaiming " Uy Uy Uy Uy Uy" in unexpected situations.
  5. A nap in the middle of the day is not only perfectly acceptable but necessary.
  6. Enjoying a glass of your preferred alcoholic beverage anytime after mid day is the norm.
  7. You become completely outraged when it's a cloudy day and proceed to discuss the glum weather with literally everyone.
  8. The shock of rain never ceases to surprise you. But didn't it rain three months ago?! Surely we're not due for another shower yet!
  9. You would never dream of going to the bank or any kind of official public place after 14:00. Obviously they will be closed.
  10. You take late night shopping for granted. "Yeah I'll just pop to Zara at 21:30 o grab a few basics..."