Why I Document My Life - Spanglish Vlogs - Episode 8

I spend a large portion of my time documenting my life. Not because I'm a narcissist... I don't think?! But because I love looking back on the memories captured with those I love, including the cats! Documenting life, be it on Instagram, my blog or youtube has quickly become one of my favourite projects. It is something I hope to continue to do for the rest of my life in some form or another. I have learned a lot, skill based - editing videos, adding voice overs, playing around with camera settings and taking the words swirling around my head and some how making them sound somewhat understandable on screen. As well as those skills, I have also learned to really appreciate and notice life going on around me.

The shadows cast by trees above me, filtering glistening light every couple of seconds. One of my cats stretching on the BBQ - the place they most love to sleep. Steam rising off of my tea and the sound the waves make as they crash upon the shore.

Many say that my generation and the one just after are quickly becoming zombies, immune to the world around them. Whilst, sometimes they do have a point. I believe the creatives are even more detail orientated. We hope to capture the beauty of life on a daily basis, and surely that can only be a very good thing in terms of mindfulness? Of course there is the debate of how much we rely upon social media and the internet for instant gratification, but we shan't get into that now.

This week's Spanglish Vlog is the penultimate one in the series. It's a short but sweet one and I hope it makes you think of how and why you document your life.

Hasta La Proxima!

Peta x