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It's all about balance...

It's all about balance...


This morning I sat talking to my best friend Laura in a cafe in town, as per usual the conversation flitted from one thing to another, at one point there was probably four different conversations going on at once but something we seemed to return to during each conversation was how motivated and hard working we were just a short time ago. Both of us owned and ran our own magazines a couple of years ago, we worked hard at day jobs and somehow managed to fit life, friendships and relationships in too as well as healthy eating, meal prep and a regular workout routine that we stuck to. HOW?! How did we manage it?

I've been mulling this over and the only thing I can think of is that we just did. Instead of complaining and making excuses, instead of doubting ourselves and opting for the easy road we threw ourselves head first into it and believed that we could achieve all that we set out for. We proved ourselves right and we just did.

So what went wrong? I suppose we both fell into a burnt out rut at some point or another, and instead of dedicating every moment we had to productive tasks which we hoped would further our success in the near future we opted for Netflix or an early night. We chose not to go to the gym, not to work that little bit harder on social media or stay up until the early hours squinting at HTML code favouring anything from making cakes and cleaning the house to lying on the sofa or sleeping in that extra hour longer.

It's all about balance isn't it? It's the thing I struggle most with in life, I either give something my all or nothing at all. Although I've blogged every day for the past God knows how long, I don't feel like I've given the blog everything I could. Especially on the marketing side of things, specifically social media.

I could pre-schedule all of my social media but that to me isn't real. I used to schedule it all with the magazine but I felt justified in doing so as it wasn't a personal blog. Does that make sense?

I'm just rambling now.

This morning Laura and I also spoke about blogs and the variety of niches out there. Are relatable, down to earth blogs still popular? Do people enjoy reading the typical blog or are they looking for the glossy, magazinesque website? I don't know. I know that the only blogs I enjoy are the classic online journals following a person's life. As humans we are incredible inquisitive and down right nosey and I think that's why we enjoy blogs and vlogs so much. We like to feel as if we properly know the person on the other side of the screen.

What kind of blogs do you enjoy reading? Do you enjoy every day unedited photos or photoshopped beautiful shots? Do you like daily or twice a week, thrice a month or once in a blue moon reads? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

For now I'm going to sit and eat a fruit salad and have a good old think about life and how on earth people manage to balance it. Let me know if you have any tips! ;)


me x

Until next time...

Until next time...

Copious cups of tea and happy faces

Copious cups of tea and happy faces