January 2017

I've spent the last week proclaiming how poo January was for me. "It's been full of sickness, I've done nothing but sleep!" I'd say. Then I sat down to edit my January vlog and realised that I'd done so much more than just sleep. I'd had fun, I'd captured beautiful moment on camera, I'd been to see my favourite person in Cornwall. I'd yoga-ed A LOT and celebrated life, in a lunch break whilst at a conference, with tequila. I'd witnessed strengthΒ in the millions of people on this earth standing up for what they believe in. I'd be inspired and motivated. This is why I love monthly vlogs, they make me take stock and I quite like the feeling that everything is neatly organised into a particular month. So, for that reason I'm going to continue with monthly vlogs this year and the odd daily/weekend/weekly vlog if I'm doing anything particular exciting.

January, you were full of sickness, and my god am I happy to be on the mend, but you were also full of happiness, joy and laughter. I smiled everyday, and in the grand scheme of things, it could be a whole lot worse.

So long January, hello February. May you bring all the fuzzy feels with people sharing the love on Valentines day and pancake day galore.

Peta x