Laptop Club

Laptop club started roughly three hours ago, we've managed to do just about no work. Adam and I had planned on working in the same space together on our blogs. "It'll be great! We can bounce ideas off each other, be inspired, motivated and most of all productive. We're not going to procrastinate if we're both working."

Ha! Yeah! Cue 50,786,687 Youtube videos later, four beers on Adam's part and a spot of gossip and we are right back to where we started. Oops.

It's funny how you can have awesomely productive days and days where any distraction is a welcome one even though you're working on something you love doing. I tend not to have solitary off days but a collection of days spent procrastinating, doing jobs that really don't need doing, such as cleaning the outside part of the window sills and sitting down to do some work then standing up again because oh! Washing has finished! Or Oh! The cats need feeding.

Then I'll pick up my phone and get lost in the world of social media, a quick scroll through Facebook I promise myself, followed by a gander on Instagram and before you know it I'm joining in with a Twitter hour I hadn't realised exsisted.

It's okay to have days like this though. We usually need them when they happen, time for the dust in our brains to settle and getting those random jobs around the house done is just a bonus. If nothing else, procrastination days always make me ridiculously productive once they're over.

This is me justifying my level of procrastination for the past three days. Why do we feel the need to justify ourselves? Why do we feel guilty about things that we do? And WHY do we feel the need to beat ourselves up about it?!

Sometimes we just need to cut ourselves some slack, enjoy each day as it comes and go with the flow when we can. Strike while the iron's hot and take advantage of the really productive mindset days. Allow yourself to chill and relax a little on the procrastination days and just be you. Because you're amazing, so give yourself a pat on the back for somehow making it through this crazy thing we call life, plaster a smile on your face and do exactly what you feel like doing right now.

Life is short, eat the cake.