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Laura's Visit March 2017

Laura's Visit March 2017

My best friend Waffle, nicknamed so because she has a habit of waffling, came to visit me here in Barcelona for a week. A whole, entire week. It was everything I could have wished for and more. So that I don't forget the past seven days I thought I'd pop together a little post on all that we got up to. Tuesday  21st March 2017.

Waffle arrived at 9pm, I picked her up from Barcelona airport and we squeaked and hugged as soon as we saw each other. She had somehow managed to cram a week's worth of clothes into a pretty small bag, it was, might I add, absolutely bursting at the seems. Which was no wonder considering she had impressively managed to pack 6 pairs of shoes. We got home, devoured a yummy butternut squash curry I had made and drank a good few cups of tea before heading to bed. Having Laura in my flat, sat on my sofa with Tina, Arthur and Katie was the most surreal, wonderful feeling ever. I visit Cornwall on a regular basis and spend quite  a bit of time on her floor with her cats but we had never been able to organise time together in Spain up until now.

Wednesday 22nd March 2017. 

On Wednesday I was off to work early and arrived home at lunch time to a SCRUMPTIOUS pasta salad lunch. Laura came into town with me and explored Vilanova during the afternoon. It's a pretty fishing town, which is really rather large and so she managed to get a little lost but found her way back eventually! That evening we ate lots, had a huge catch up and ticked face masks and nail painting off our friendship to do list.

Thursday 23rd March 2017. 

On Thursday I worked until LATE so didn't managed to spend too much time with my bestie however she assured me that plenty a cat cuddle had been had, as well as copious amounts of tea consumed. At lunchtime we sat outside eating leftover curry whilst working on our laptops and listening to Spanish tunes in preparation for the weekend.

Friday 24th March 2017. 

Friday morning saw us at the supermarket, which is a thing we ALWAYS do together, however it's usually Morrisons and not the Spanish equivalent - Mercadona. We also popped into the local garden centre, because these crazy cat ladies love a good garden centre. On Friday the weather took a huge change for the worse in the afternoon and by the time I left work, Vilanova was already in full storm mode. Our plans of a night of tapas and wine were put on hold and I picked up a Japanese takeaway and bottle of vino on my way home. Noodles, Sushi & a bottle of Rosé. What more could you wish for?! By the time I got home I was absolutely soaked to the bone, we stayed in by the fire and watched Safe Haven. It's such a lovely film and a chick flick I'd defo recommend watching. As we had pulled the sofa out into a bed, we inevitably fell asleep covered in cats whilst watching Mr.Bean the cartoon.

Saturday 25th March 2017. 

On Saturday I woke up with a Tina cat staring me square in the face and shouting at me. Tina has the loveliest purr in the world, I wish I could say the same for the meow, which is absolutely ear piercing. I was on pancake making duty, Waffle was on cat cuddling duty. I feel I drew the short straw. We lay on the sofa bed, snacking on popcorn, chocolate and strawberries all day whilst listening to "My Dad Wrote A Porno". It has definitely gone down as one of my favourite days of all time. We were quite literally crying with laughter whilst clutching our sore tummies from belly laughing so much.


We finally decided to start getting ready to go out at 9:15 on Saturday evening and picked Adam up to head to Sitges.

We drank cava, danced until our feet hurt and may or may not have had a tequila or too.

Note for future Peta: You know how you always say you won't drink tequila? Try and stick to that. Tequila, my love, is not your friend.




Sunday 26th March 2017. 

I prised my eyes open late on Sunday morning, not only was it bad enough that my head felt like it was about to explode and my stomach was doing a thousand flips a minute, the clocks had changed. I do not take well to this change. Why day light savings why?!

It took us hours to get our act together, surface, shower and put trainers on to do the 8 mile coastal walk to Sitges to pick the car up. We talked for hours, had really deep life and the universe conversations, and got pretty hangry as we approached the end of our 20,000 step journey. The burger and smoothie in "Mont Roig" was absolutely, most definitely well deserved and needed!

On Sunday night we discovered my new favourite tv show on Spanish TV - "My Strange Addiction." I'm sure you can guess the general idea of the programme, it really intrigued me, and at times made me squeal at the TV. A dude in love with his inflatable pool animals, a woman who drank aerosol air freshener and a gentleman who finds himself attracted to balloons... yes, in that way.

Monday 27th March

I spent much of Monday at work, I popped home for lunch with Waffle and we ate noodles, for the third time during the week. Noodles rock. On Monday night we went into town for Tapas, there's nothing like snacking on good food, whilst watching the sun set over the town square with one of your besties. We returned home early to listen to a few more episodes of "My Dad Wrote A Porno" before heading to bed, we had to be up at 06:30 to go to the airport on Tuesday. (It was a tough wake up call, and I blubbed the whole drive back to work after dropped Laura off at Terminal 2.)

It was a week off catching up, girly chit chat, belly laughter, cat cuddles and happiness. We drank more than 100 cups of tea, (as in literally more than 100 cups of tea) went through far too many packets of noodles and popcorn and spoke a little too much about cats.

In life people cross your path every now and then, they come into your life and some stay for a while, others stay forever. I've always said I believe in soulmates, both the romantic kind and the friendship kind, I'm sure that Waffle is one of my soulmates in life and I can't imagine going on this lifelong journey without her.

Here's to friendship and finding those humans in life that are crazy enough to want to be part of your very own mini tribe.

Peta x

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