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Lavender Cats

Lavender Cats


'ello 'ello, It's Sunday night and I am absolutely exhausted, both physically and mentally. I could have so easily not created this post tonight and just netflixed and chilled with gossip girl because I'm officially obsessed right now. But, I promised myself that no matter what, every Sunday I would pop a weekly round up on the blog, even if the week has been a boring one.

Which it has.

So that's nice... It's just been a big catch up week really, after having the week off work to have my wisdom teeth removed (I'm healing really well!) I had SOOOO much work to catch up on upon my return, as well as a flat that desperately required cleaning and friends that really wanted to be seen. Cue a crazy cat lady running around all week.

This weekend has been super busy finishing off work as well as celebrating Mother's day today which has been truly lovely. We popped to a second hand market and then I made a super yummy very healthy lunch for everyone. Shall we take a look at my week in pictures? LET'S!

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My little dude has a huge fascination with the lavender plant in the garden at the moment, I'm not complaining as he comes home smelling wonderful. <3

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Do you ever find that some of the most delicious breakfasts are the easiest to make? I am completely, (still) in love with quinoa, rice milk and honey in the mornings. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit.


I made these super duper yummy healthy chocolate puddings and also popped the recipe on here for future reference!

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There are corners of my flat that make it home and this has to be one of them, yoga mat included. <3

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My usual diet overflows with fruit and veg, I have been astounded over the past year at just how my health has changed and improved by introducing more fruits and vegetables and cutting out refined sugar as well as lowering my gluten intake, animal protein and cutting out all dairy.

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I couldn't not include my scrum-didli-umptious Sunday breakfast in this weeks round up. Apple and ginger oat pancakes topped with strawberries and honey. I know I spoil myself far too much.

I'd like to start including a youtube vid that I've really enjoyed as well as an instagrammer that I feel has inspired me each week, so let's kick it off this week!

Youtube - The Michalaks - I can't believe we did this.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCp-D6RJxEo]

Words can not describe how amazing this vlog is. The Michalaks create the most amazing family vlogs each week but this one in particular goes way above, beyond and far far far into another galaxy than just your run of the mill vlog.

Instagram - Shona Vertue


Shona is a huge inspiration for self love and care, her photos motivate me each day to continue to treat my body with respect and love. <3


Me x

Will You Leave This World A Better Place?

Will You Leave This World A Better Place?

Healthy Chocolate Pudding

Healthy Chocolate Pudding