Level 25

This is the third time I've started this post, to be quite honest it's going to be the last. I just messaged a friend to tell her that this blog post isn't going well... it's important details like this that I feel my friends have to know. I already wrote a little farewell post to twenty five but as it's my last day as a twenty-five year old,  I thought maybe I'd put together a little list on what I've learned this year.

Dear nearly twenty six year old me,

  1. The loveliest people will enter your life when you least expect it.
  2. Ice cold smoothies will get you through wisdom teeth removal recovery.
  3. Tea will always make everything that little bit better.
  4. Always have spare light bulbs on hand, living in darkness for weeks on end because you keep forgetting to buy new ones becomes quite challenging.
  5. Getting a class of 6 year olds into costume on your own for a theatre production should be considered an extreme sport.
  6. Kids will always be ridiculously, and at times, soul destroyingly honest. Just roll with it.
  7. Your laptop never has as much charge as you think it does.
  8. Nor does your phone.
  9. There are things you will never forgive yourself for but little by little time heals everything.
  10. Family always comes first.
  11. Sleep is far more important than you realise. Get more.
  12. Meeting new people can only ever be a good thing.
  13. Everything that is normal can change in a second. Appreciate all that you have and tell those you love exactly what they mean to you.
  14. There is no better snack than chocolate energy balls.
  15. Rum and tequila have a tendency to wipe your memory.
  16. It's a lot easier to stick to going to the gym if you have a gym buddy waiting for you at 7am.
  17. Experiences, moments and memories will always be more valuable than any amount of money.
  18. Get a protective cover on your phone, you have a tendency to drop it at least 5 times a day.
  19. Be playful, energetic and full of life, brighten people's days and smile all the time.
  20. Always remember to close cupboard doors when you're cooking, you will bang your head if you don't.
  21. There's nothing like realising you have no time at all to do something to kick yourself into epic productivity mode.
  22. You have friends who would do absolutely anything for you, make sure they know that you'd do the same for them.
  23. Yeast makes you spotty, steer clear of beer and bread. Oh the misery.
  24. Worrying achieves nothing.
  25. Last but not least, be spontaneous and open to change because if not some of the best memories of level 25 would never have happened.Level 25 complete. 13325538_10157063841910515_7490012083238083998_n