Life, Plans and Opportunities.

It's Friiiiiiiiiiday. I love a good old inspirational post on a Friday to kick start the weekend. I've been thinking a lot about plans over the last few days, close friends have had to hear all about my musings regarding the matter. We can methodically create the perfect plan for the day, upcoming week, month, hell! Even five year plan. But guess what?! Life has this little way of completely messing up those plans. How I saw my future a couple of years ago is not how I'm living it today, something I am more than overjoyed about.

We find security in plans, pinning all of our hopes and dreams on everything working out perfectly, without considering the fact that things could possibly work out even better than we could have ever imagined them to. Most of the time, when a plan goes wrong we can panic, believe that everything is going wrong and abort the whole thing all together.

How about instead of outlining life as we hope it will go, why don't we create goals to be achieved within a certain time frame whilst going with the flow of life, doing our best and having faith in ourselves that we can achieve those goals come what may.

"When we set out to do the best we can do. It is inevitable that great opportunity finds us because we are doing what truly makes us happy. We're in alignment and ready for the opportunities that life puts in our path." - Josh Hinds.

An opportunity is rarely planned, yet it can be a priceless, life changing event.

So here's to not planning everything, going with the flow and setting a few goals to work towards whilst doing the best we can do.


Me x