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Living For The Weekend - Preparing For The Week

Living For The Weekend - Preparing For The Week


Good morning snug bugs, I do hope you're as snug as a bug in a rug in bed still this Sunday morning or at the least doing something ever so snuggly.

I had a little revelation this week, recently I've been living for the weekend on weekdays, wishing the days away looking forward to those two precious days off. Then it hit me, on those two days off what do I do? I spend pretty much every moment prepping for the upcoming week. I prepare all my meals for the week, my snacks, my classes, clean my flat, put washes on, plan blog posts and videos, film videos and edit them, create recipes for upcoming blog posts. All in preparation for the week ahead.


I do all of this yet there isn't a moment where I sit, even just for an hour or two and do exactly what I feel like doing. You know that "hygge" word that's doing the rounds at the moment? I don't really feel like I've got much of it in my life... I think it's about time we change that don't you?

So today (I'm writing this on Saturday night), I plan on not setting an alarm. I plan on lazing in bed once I've woken up, enjoying all the cat cuddles. Making breakfast and tiptoeing back to my bedroom, snuggling under the covers once again and reading a book. I quite fancy watching a few Youtube videos, maybe even a film on Netflix.


I'd like to get up late morning and make a cup of tea, cosy up next to the fire with a blanket and catch up with my favourite blogs and just see where the day takes me from there.

That, my friends, is my plan for today. Sounds pretty wonderful doesn't it? What are your plans for today?

I was up until rather late last night editing and uploading this week's vlog, the cats feature plenty...



Me x

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