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How To Love Cooking In 4 Easy Steps.

How To Love Cooking In 4 Easy Steps.

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My love of cooking comes naturally to me, my mum taught me to cook at a young age and even as a little girl encouraged me to join in as she made meals and snacks. The kitchen has always been the very heart of the home for me, it’s where every important conversation happens. Where friends and family gather during parties and get togethers even though it’s the smallest room in the house and the place that calms me to my very core.

The kitchen is my go to place, it’s where tea is made in times of heartache, tiredness, love, excitement and celebration. It holds stories of a lifetime intertwined with the food I create which feeds and nourishes those I care for deeply and my own body and soul.

Whilst the kitchen is the most important room in my house I know that it really isn’t for others. Cooking can be daunting, scary, boring and quite frankly something many steer well away from as best they can. Today I’m going to give you the tools to fall in love with cooking.

Are you ready?

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  1. Make the kitchen a place you love spending time in.
    - Clear out those cupboards of any unwanted foods.  
    - Do the washing up and put it away!!
    - Throw away tupperware lids or tupperware boxes without lids - we all have an uneven proportion of boxes to lids.
    - Sort out and tidy the fridge, remove everything and give it a good clean.
    - Give your appliances a clean too - the oven, microwave etc.
    - Organise your shelves and cupboards.
    - Think of how you can make the kitchen a place you’d like to spend more time in? How about some flowers or a little herb box on your windowsill? What about a candle? What song do you fancy playing as you cook? Maybe you prefer to listen to podcasts over music?
    - Do you have enough countertop space, how can you create more if not?

  2. Inspiration.
    We all need inspiration for many many many things in life - cooking is the same. We can’t just suddenly have recipes pop into our minds, the idea has to come from somewhere. Gather recipes and ideas that spark joy and jot them down. Stick the list somewhere in your kitchen so that when the mood strikes you have a whole list of dishes to pick from.

    My favourite places to seek out foodspiration are:

  3. - Pinterest, you can find SO many ideas for meals and snacks here. Don’t overwhelm yourself though. Create little folders for the types of meals and snacks you enjoy eating and add a few pins at a time to those folders. Check out My Pinterest for motivation. Follow chefs, cooks and food bloggers that create the kind of food you love eating on Pinterest.

    - Instagram, search food hashtags to find yummy ideas. Think of food you love eating or particular dietary requirements you have. I often check out #FreeFromFood as I choose not to eat dairy, gluten or refined sugar - they all make me feel awful!  I share my own feel good food using #MyFeelGoodFood - take a look for foodie goodness.  Again, follow people on instagram who inspire you to create the food that makes YOU feel good, whatever that may be.

    Consider unfollowing or muting anyone who triggers negative thoughts and stories you have around food.

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- Cook Books & Food Magazines.
There are some amazing books out there as well as magazines. Not sure where to start? Pop to your local supermarket and pick up their free magazine, they often have some scrumptious recipes. Have a wander into the food section of a book shop near you or visit the book shelves of a charity shop. Head along to a car boot sale and keep your eyes peeled for foodie books. There are some really affordable ways to get your hands on printed recipes!

- Websites.
Take a look at food websites. I love browsing BBC Good Food, Little Miss Katy , Nourish By Rebecca and Nigella Lawson’s websites.

- Your camera roll.
In this day and age we’re forever snapping our favorite moments. Many of us take photos of our favourite food too, particularly when we’re out and about. Have a scroll through the photos on your phone and see what stands out.

3. Fill Your Fridge & Cupboards.
Fill your kitchen with food you WANT to eat. Food and snacks which make you feel every kind of wonderful when you enjoy them. If you have food in that creates positive happy vibes when you think of it, you’ll be more motivated to cook.

4. Get to the bottom of why you don’t enjoy cooking.
In a notebook or on a piece of paper finish the following sentences, you may be surprised at the stories you’ve been telling yourself subconsciously!
- I don’t like cooking because…
- Cooking makes me feel……. because…
- I’d like cooking more if....

I hope you’ve found these steps useful, each Thursday evening I send out a Feel Good Foodspiration email packed with recipe ideas and motivation to enjoy the foods that make YOU happy. Why not give it a go? It’s free and if you don’t find them useful you can always unsubscribe.

How To Love Cooking in 4 Simple Steps
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