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Mooncup Review - Eco Friendly Periods

Mooncup Review - Eco Friendly Periods

I’d heard of the mooncup before but wasn’t entirely sold on it. It seemed complicated and, if i’m honest, I hadn’t really given it a chance. A friend re-introduced me to the idea whilst we were on our holibobs in Cornwall. She changed my mind after saying that she found it really easy to use, comfortable, it saved her a lot of money and it was way more environmentally friendly than the traditional sanitary products - tampons and pads. I wasn’t totally sold, how could this be more hygienic?! Would I even be able to insert it and how would I get it back out? In this review I’m going to go into all of this and more.


What is the Mooncup?

  • The moon cup is a latex-free sanitary product

  • It contains no dyes, pesticides or bleaches like most other sanitary products

  • It’s inserted in a similar way to a tampon but sits lower and can be left for up to 8 hours

  • It lasts for up to 10 years, making it way way way cheaper than other sanitary products on the market in terms of cost per use and is also greener. Both regular tampons and sanitary pads often include plastic in the way of applicators and wrappers

  • You can get it in two sizes and it’s pretty simple to work out which size you need. See image above

How does the Mooncup work?

  • You only need one moon cup for the length of a period, it’s got you covered from light flows to super plus flows, which is bloody impressive! ‘scuse the pun!

  • It needs a good clean before the first use, either in boiling water for 5-7 mins or in sterilising water

  • You then fold it and fold it again to insert it, once inserted it creates a vacuum which stops leakages

  • Blood is collected in the cup, which you remove and empty as and when needed

  • You clean it with water and un-scented soap and reinsert

  • It comes in a little bag to keep it in.


So, how did I get on?

I was a little dubious at first, this may be too much information, but I remember the first time I inserted a tampon I could barely walk. It felt so uncomfortable and I nearly gave up there and then. I did keep trying and eventually got the knack. I thought this may happen with the mooncup so I tried to arm myself with as much advice as possible. I found this video on youtube super helpful, especially the method in which she folds and inserts. I followed Lily’s instructions and it was a breeze! I did find it a lot easier to insert when rinsed under hot water and still wet.

I was surprised at how hygienic I found the Mooncup, this was my main issue, but believe me after the first use you soon realise how hygienic it is. I struggled with removing the mooncup a little, but stayed calm and eventually got the knack. It took a little patience and practice but once I got the hang of it I was fine. At first I kept checking and emptying every few hours thinking there would definitely be some kind of leakage, but there was nothing. As I’m currently on holiday I felt a little more comfortable in leaving it for longer each time, I know that if I’d have been out and about or at work I would have worried constantly about leakages. There was no need to worry though! No leaks at all even on the heaviest of heavy days, which are super plus days for me, left in for 8 hours or overnight! There are instructions within the little booklet that comes with it to avoid leaks which I followed too.

I purchased mine for £21 in boots when I was back in the UK, I can honestly say I am really impressed and won’t be going back to tampons or pads any time soon. I do try my best to make small changes when it comes to being more eco friendly, I’m of the mindset that if we can all make a few small changes, this in turn will make a huge change to the world. I have a reusable water bottle and flask, we try not to buy fruit or veg in plastic packaging at the supermarket and we always recycle. I feel like this is another little change I can make to my plastic footprint. These also last 10 years which blows my mind, so the pennies saved is pretty mind-blowing too. Apparently the average woman spends around £500 on sanitary products a year and I for one believe it!

I’ll definitely be open to trying other eco-friendly sanitary products in the future but I have a feeling the Mooncup will continue to be my favourite. It’s comfortable, easy to use, leak free, purse friendly and lasts a decade.

If you fancy checking it out, you can buy one in Boots or I found them on Amazon. Here’s the link to the A Size, and here’s the link to the B Size. This isn’t an Ad and hasn’t been gifted, the amazon links are affiliate links, for more info read my disclosure. All views are my own and I hope you found this useful!

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