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My Non-Plan For 2019

My Non-Plan For 2019


It's funny how something as simple as a new year can totally paralyse you, isn't it? After all, it's just another day. I didn't know what I wanted for 2019, so I felt like I couldn't do anything with Nourishing Soulfully. I've been mulling it over and over, where do I want to be mid 2019, how about by the end of 2019? Do I want more clients? Do I want to release a course? A book? What do I want to create content around? What blog posts would generate the most visits to the website? How about creating more free downloadables?

Then it hit me. I don't know right now, I don't need to know right now. 

The work I have done to untangle my own food stories and behaviours to eat intuitively and mindfully over the past few years has led me to coach others to do the same, after I became a qualified eating psychology coach earlier on this year. Eating this way has obviously changed things totally for me when it comes to food. Whilst thinking about this and also how I interpret success within Nourishing Soulfully, I realised that I can apply the same coaching to other areas of my life. In fact, to all areas of my life.

During 2019 I won't do anything I don't feel like doing, just like I don't eat anything I don't feel like eating. I won't allow myself to feel disappointed in not doing something, the same way I don't allow myself to feel disappointed in the food choices I make. I won't measure the visitors to the website or count likes on social media, the same way I won't measure my weight by getting on the scales or count calories. I won't avoid doing something I really want to do, the same way I don't avoid eating something I really fancy. I won't compare my work to others just like I don't compare my body or diet to others. I won't follow a set schedule or plan, the same way I don't follow a set diet. Instead of just one word for 2019. I'm treating myself to two - Nourishing Soulfully. 

During 2018, my word was Flow, it became a mantra. When times got tough I'd say go with the flow over and over in my head, continually believing that everything happens for a reason. When things were amazing and I didn't want them to end, the word Flow popped into my head then too. Several times a day I thought of the word and it truly served me well. I hope the words Nourishing Soulfully do during 2019 and I'd love to invite you to use them, if they feel valuable to you too. 

For me Nourishing Soulfully means tuning into what you want and when you want it. It means being mindful as often as possible and following your intuition AKA your heart/gut. It means doing what feels right and giving yourself as much love and grace as you can when things don't turn out the way you expected. It means forgivness for oneself, empathy, care, love, excitement and living life in a calm, open-minded, open-armed manor. 

To start off I'll be closing my client list for 2018. I'll pop a little mailing list option on the website for anyone who would like to receive an email if/when I open my list up again to work on a one to one basis with clients. That will totally depend on if it feels right for me later on in the year, right now I don't feel like taking on more clients is beneficial for me, so I will continue to work closely with the lovely ones I am coaching right now. I'll also be sending my letters when I have something to tell you or share with you rather than every Thursday. Don't worry, it most certainly won't be more than once a week and I'd bet on it being more like once a month. I'll be posting blog posts and photos when it feels right and I'm sure I'll be on Instagram Stories a lot as I'm really enjoying sharing bits and bobs on there at the moment. 

Above all, I'm practising what I preach. I may not make any kind of monetary income through Nourishing Soulfully during 2019. What I hope to gain is a life filled with joy, love and plenty of nourishment. I hope to inspire others to tune into what feels good and say no to what doesnt both on their plate and off their plate.

Sending ever so much love your way and plenty of cat cuddles too,
Peta x

This post was written for my Nourishing Soulfully Letter, if you’d like more information about the letter, please visit this page.

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