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My one and a half eared cat.

My one and a half eared cat.


We buried you in your favourite spot in the garden, under the trees in the place where you sleepily lounged watching the daily goings on of the garden. You were the most stubborn, cuddly, beautiful, loud, annoying cat I have ever known. You were by far the loudest purrer around. You drove me insane with your inability to stay indoors without me at your side, destroying the flat until I returned, always choosing to topple over the potted plants to kick off your ransack.

I barely slept a wink on the nights I allowed you to stay in, curled up next to my head on my pillow, waking me whenever I dozed off to continue stroking you. I lost count of the amount of times I threw you outside at 5:30 in the morning because I just couldn't take any more.


You ate double the amount of food the others ate, you interrupted and  disrupted my meditation practice on a regular basis. You hated Arthur and hissed every time he came near you and had a good few bust ups with Katie and Tina too. You broke the early morning silence hassling for breakfast before my bare feet had even touched the cold tiles.


I would do absolutely anything for all of those things again.

You were the most loving, cuddly little soul. You were not just my cat but the whole family's cat. 11 years ago you noisily entered the family home and when I moved into the flat below you insisted on living with me even though you were never invited.For some reason you always smelled like a farm animal.


You have been cuddled and squeezed to within an inch of bursting, you were the purrs that soothed me whenever I felt ill and the little buddy that never left my side when I was recovering from dental surgery.

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You were the cat that friends wanted to cuddle. The tummy everyone desperately wanted to rub and unlike any normal cat, you adored to have your tummy tickled. But, then again,  you weren't normal.

You were my black and white, one and a half eared cat.

You will be forever missed, forever loved and forever in my heart.

Goodbye my little plant destroying friend.

I miss you dearly.

Vegan Sesame Seed Crackers with Spicy Hummus

Vegan Sesame Seed Crackers with Spicy Hummus

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