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Natural Pamper Day - DIY Beauty

Natural Pamper Day - DIY Beauty


Happy Sunday Lovelies, Oh I love a good snuggle Sunday spent at home, don't you? Every Sunday evening I have a "big bath". I'm allllll about the natural home DIY beauty products made from really simple things I have in my kitchen cupboards. I have very sensitive skin so most shop bought products cause me to have some kind of reaction. Here's how I keep myself feeling pampered and well looked after without spending a fortune.


Autumn, I love you. I particularly love that baths are now a do-able thing again. They're just so warm and lovely and bubbly. There's something just a little bit magical about bubbles. I love running a bath, lighting a candle and watching youtube videos or listening to music. It is every kind of wonderful.

matcha green tea face mask

Matcha Green Tea Face Mask

Well hello there Shrek, how you doin'?! Only joooooking, it's me under there! This face mask is amazing, it really tightens the skin and leaves it feeling super soft afterwards. Pop a teaspoon of matcha green tea powder in a bowl and add the tiniest drop of hot water. Mix into a paste and rub onto your face. Leave until dry and then wash off.

coconut body scrub

Coconut Oil & Salt Scrub

Oh a good old scrub! I use one tablespoon of coconut oil with a good amount of sea salt mixed together. I use it as I would any other scrub and it makes my skin as soft as a babies bum!

coconut oil

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

I usually apply this in the morning and leave it on allllll day if I'm not venturing out of my flat on a Sunday. (Which is most Sundays, what can I say? I'm a home bird!) Just apply a good amount to your hair and tie up in a top knot. Wash thoroughly with shampoo - you will have the shiniest, silkiest hair known to man.

green tea toner

Green Tea Toner

My skin has been crying out for a good toner recently, I tried a variety of shop toners but none of them worked well. I decided to give making my own a go and it works a treat. Make a quarter of a cup of green tea as you usually would with loose tea. Leave to brew for a good 10 -15 minutes and then strain. Add half the amount of apple cider vinegar and about one tablespoon of honey. Use as you would any toner after washing your face and before applying moisturiser. I always use coconut oil as a moisturiser for my face which I've found is the best thing for me at the moment.

What are your favourite homemade beauty products? Please do share in the comments below!

Have a gorgeous Sunday


Peta x

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