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It's nice to hear nice things for a change

It's nice to hear nice things for a change


On Thursday I stood in the staff room on a fifteen minute break watching the teachers come and go, hastily picking up mugs of coffee, running out of the door with overflowing loads of books and photocopies, mouths half full with their snack and moaning about the usual - partners, kids, students, the weather... the list goes on. We all love a good old moan don't we...none more so than the British might I add. When everyone had filtered out, and I was gathering my bits and bobs together before heading to my next class, one of my colleagues asked "are you still with your chap? how's it going?"


I shyly replied "really well thank you! I'm really happy" rather earnestly because I'm quite conscientious of gloating and going on about all the good things in life, when so many people aren't having a great time of it.

"Aww Peta, that's great to hear, do you know what, it's nice to hear nice things for a change." She responded.

That really stuck with me for the rest of the day, because it IS nice to hear nice things and I think right now many of us feel like we shouldn't be talking about the good things in case we are considered Β to be "rubbing it in".

I really like hearing nice things you know, I like hearing about great relationships, and great days and just nice things. I was always told at school never to use the word nice, and I've used it far too much in this post, probably my whole quota for the next year. But you know what, it's nice.

It's so easy to moan about this, that and the other, not even taking note that we are doing it. Especially in regards to those closest to us, but it's lovely to speak nicely about others.

Let's spread a little niceless shall we?!

Ok... I'll stop saying the word nice now.

Have a nice day! ;)

Peta x


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