Nothing. Nada.

This blogging every day malarkey can be amazing, it pushes me to my limits when it comes to creating content I'm happy to share with the world. It's also bloody difficult. Today for example there are no ideas. Not one. Nothing. Nada. It's finally the last day of term and my mind is done. It just can't anymore. Last night I had a few cheeky drinks with friends, I ripped into Adam about how there was no way he'd be up for gym this morning. Hahahaha Peta's so funny.

Yeah, Peta was the one who overslept and left a very tired Adam waiting for a gym buddy to pick him up for a 7am workout that never arrived. Oops.

I didn't even hear the alarm.

It's just so unlike me, as is the state that my flat is in and, and , and... well. I need sleep.

So this is a nice little insight into my life isn't it. A memory to cherish forever as it were. But life isn't all fun days out, yummy healthy recipes and positive quotes. It's not all drama either, thank god. But I'm not going to pretend that I always have exciting ideas to blog about, when quite frankly I don't.

Some days, like today, there are no ideas, no words. I'm quite chirpy and happy but in a I'm not quite with it way. So I'm going to take my little self off to do a spot of yoga and skip into work for the final classes of this term.

Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.