October 2017 - A Round Up

October, you were quite the month. On the 1st of October an illegal referendum was held here in Catalunya. Turmoil, frustration, anger, upset, anxiety and loss of hope seemed to take over the region. Madrid battled to save the region, Catalunya battled even stronger to break itself away from a country it felt repressed by. I felt the anxiety building inside, it was all anyone could talk about. I made a decision, I decided this was not going to rule my month, it was not going to completely take over my life. I created a project. The Life & Times Of A Cat Lady -  a daily gratitude video capturing the joyful moments of each day. I'm so very pleased I did.

Capturing the good in each day made me notice the joyful moments that I was so very grateful for even more. After a month of doing so, I now find myself inundated with thoughts of gratitude.

Here is my video round up of October. Below you can also find a playlist of my 1 minute gratitude videos for October too.

I hope you have had an equally magical month and that this inspires you to capture the everyday joy.

Peta x