It's ok not to have a niche - It's ok to just love blogging

Every blog should have a niche right? Every social media influencer should play on their strengths. We shouldn't overshare, we should be careful not to stumble blindly outside the walls that keep our niche "safe". I disagree.

In this post I'm referring only to bloggers who blog for their love of writing and documenting life. Not for those who have a specific business idea in mind. This post is my way of saying it's ok not to have a niche, it's ok to just love blogging.

I agree that a particular niche is great for SEO. It also creates an aesthetically pleasing collection of social media channels. It gives structure and readers always know what to expect. That's great, but it's just not for me right now.

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Blogs conjure up images of a person's life, real honest life. Snippets here and there, memories and moments. Insights into the daily goings on and how the writer's mind works.

To achieve an honest, real representation of yourself surely you have to include various elements of your personality and life? Not just the food lover in you or the beauty Queen.

I truly love bloggers that publish a little bit of everything. I enjoy hearing about the mundane, every day lives they live. I suppose it makes me feel "normal". If there's something that I'm not interested in, I won't read it. However, because I feel like I really know the person behind the screen, I'm interested in what they have to say, because they're interested in it.

I'd go as far as to say that I almost feel as if I'm reading a friend's message or piece of writing when I read an "a-bit-of-everything" blog.


Sometimes we have to stop and remember why we started in the first place. For many of us, it was to have our own little personalised space on the internet that we could pour our hearts and soul into. Doing, writing and sharing exactly as we pleased.

Remember why.

Hey, it's ok not to have a niche, it's ok not to have perfect pictures, it's ok not to be on top of all social media channels, it's ok to make spelling mistakes, it's ok to not want to write a popular topic post, it's ok to have a blog that is solely YOURS.

It's ok to just love blogging.