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Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time, in a land far far away lived a girl who stayed at home with her cats all day. She trained as a yoga teacher and studied nutrition whilst blogging and living life like a limited edition. (I'm not such a great poet.) Can fairy tales come true? Is that possible? It's a nice thought isn't it. I am currently doing a month long course on nutrition and it is something that I would love to pursue, nearly as much as becoming a yoga instructor. My goal for this year is to do both, and I'm hoping that the universe will somehow make that happen. I am a true believer that to receive you must first put what you want out there, all that you think, give, speak and feel you become. Let's prove that theory right shall we?

In other rambling cat lady news it's been a looooong week, I've been full of a cold and bronchitis but still managed to hit the gym every morning at 7am with my gym buddy. My day job has been demanding and intense, I've crashed out whilst walking through my front door. Let's take a look at my very small round up this week:

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Healthy pancakes, I've had two amazing breakfasts this week and these have been one of them <3 I popped the recipe up here . They are apple, ginger and oat pancakes and they are just so scrumptious.

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Yep, I'll admit to being super very late to the quinoa for breakfast party but I don't care because oh my goodness gracious me is it just so bloody amazing!! Link here for how to make this ridiculously simple breakfast.


As previously mentioned, I have had a really bad cold this week so I've been snacking on lots of yummy fresh fruit :)


The little ginger dude has discovered that he rather enjoys lying under my laptop whilst...IMG_4430

Today I did a little experiment in my kitchen to test how much energy is in a peanut... me, geeky? Never.

May the coming week be calm, full of happiness, laughter and yummy food.




Quinoa Breakfast

Quinoa Breakfast