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One of my favourite weeks..

One of my favourite weeks..


If you've read my previous posts you'll quite possibly know that I've not been doing a whole lot this week. I'm going to be that really annoying person that chats on and on about being on holiday and not doing very much in yet another post and we still have nearly a week of holidays left so there will be plenty more to come. Please feel free to return to the blog this time next week where normal service will resume. ;) On Monday we spent the day pottering around, I made a chocolate cake, Fraser poked fun at the fake flowers and palette I use to photograph food for the blog and instagram. I explained that this was of the up most importance and turned on my heel whilst flicking my hair over my shoulder in the most sassiest of manners. (Yeah..because I'm sassy..)


Tuesday rocked up and we went for a little wander and a drink at La Daurada beach club in town, it is such a gorgeous spot. One drink turned into many and we had very sore heads on Wednesday morning.





We had one of the best ideas known to man on Wednesday and made a very important holiday purchase. Two lilos, a lot of puff and plenty of sun cream later and our sore heads were all but forgotten about.

The Modball Rally arrived in Barcelona on Thursday, we hopped on a train and roamed the streets of the capital of Catalunya whilst chatting away about nothing in particular. We marveled at super yachts moored up at Port Vell and were blown away by the super cars of the Rally when they arrived at Hotel W. We met up with Rhiân for dinner planning to get the last train home from Barcelona at 23:59. Three bottles of cava later and we found ourselves running for a train that we missed and catching the night bus home, finally landing in bed at 4am.







Friday was spent sleeping and bobbing in the pool with yet more food and drink in town. We ambled from bar to bar, nibbling on tapas and sipping local cava.




We decided to keep things simple on Saturday planning on having one quiet drink in town until Spotify selected a song that reminded us both of going out and we instantly decided a night in Sitges was required. Before the night had even started I lost my glasses, never to be seen again...oops. We danced our socks off to the classic hits such as Saturday Night, Don't You Want Me Baby and I've Got A Feeling.


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Today I attempted to create a few plant based recipes for the blog and moped about feeling a little hungover and very tired but ever so happy.

It's been one of my favourite weeks of this year so far...here's to many more.

Rosemary Roasties

Rosemary Roasties

Pool Days

Pool Days