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Pancakes, 1920s and Cats

Pancakes, 1920s and Cats


Hello hello hello! I'm sat on the sofa with The Notebook on surrounded by my cats, the fire roaring with plenty of blankets covering me. I'm resting up after a crazy busy week, work has been as hectic and chaotic as usual with the added bonus of having to prepare for the upcoming week. I'll be off work as of Tuesday due to having my wisdom teeth out, and after this crazy week I'm actually looking forward to some down time. Today I've watched three films which is something I never do and it has been so wonderful.

So what's happened this week apart from work? Well I decided to start vlogging and create a monthly video so that I have something to look back on and watch as well as this blog. There is something so amazing about being able to capture moments in time on video and look back at them decades later. In other news my car broke down on a cross roads, luckily Adam was in the car with me and we pushed it up a hill and into a parking space. I went to a 1920s themed party and ate pancakes...shall we take a look at my week?

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These chia oat pancakes were so scrumptious, they made my heart happy as well as my tummy.

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This bowl of goodness had to be my most favourite meal of the week. Recipe here.

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My skin is really clearing up now and I'm confidently going to work without makeup on.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetI finally got the cats to use their beds, they have had them since Christmas and so rarely go in them, this is mainly due to Arthur stalking them and pouncing on top of the beds so Sharon and Katie have had to have their beds adjusted (cut off)...

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I felt rather french in my stipey tee and red lipstick mid week!

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Saturday nights 1920s themed murder mystery party was a lot of fun!

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and today I have had the most wonderful Sharon cuddles ever. She is the best cat for cuddling as you can squeeze her as much as you want and she wont budge.

I'll be blogging a little more this coming week as I'll be home all week so I shall see you very soon! May your week be merry and bright!

Love, Me x

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