Pe-ta | New Look, Same Me

It's a brand new week with a brand new look for the blog! After much consideration, lots of preparation and so many squeals of excitement and clapping of hands I'm pleased to introduce you to the new name and look of my little spot on the tinterweb. I felt that the old name - 24 Hours In Today, although personal to me was difficult for others to remember. Even my own sister asked me on a regular basis what the name was, "now I know it's something about hours in the day" she'd say. Now if your own sister who reads plenty of blogs is having trouble, you know you kinda need to re-think the old name-o you've got going on.

I decided upon Pe-ta, as I'm always asked how my name is pronounced and I usually reply it's Pe-ta, like Peter ending in an a. When I discovered that by some miracle the domain was available I just knew I had to go for it.

I'll still be posting on a daily basis with the usual content, you can now find me on social media under PetasBlog and I really hope you like the new look and feel of the site.

Wishing you the most wonderful of Mondays.

Peta x

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