Pictionary & Cups of Tea

I still find it so strange how there are certain people you meet, become friends with that you instantly click with. People that you may not see for years at a time yet when you see them again absolutely nothing changes. People you can just be unapologetically yourself with. Even if yourself is the really annoying girl who cuddles previously mentioned people's cats until they hate you. Last night we popped over to Laura's for a catch up, tea, nibbles and Pictionary. I haven't seen Kim and Dan for nearly two years, since Laura and Karl's wedding and yet it felt as if I'd seen them just lask week. Well, in fact, I did actually see Dan last week. Any who! You know what I mean. It was such a laid back normal evening with friends I rarely see and one that I'll treasure forever. <3

It just goes to show that distance and time can't change friendships, no matter how hard it tries.