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Positive Friday | 1 | Blog and Social Media Share

Positive Friday | 1 | Blog and Social Media Share


Last year Adam and I made Positive Friday a thing at work, Fridays were always tough, long days when everyone in the school really needed a boost. We decided to spread a little joy and cheer throughout the classrooms, complementing others, making people smile, being very positive and bouncy ourselves and getting the students to join in on Positive Friday too. Now that we're back at work again I thought it would be nice to bring Positive Fridays back and incorporate them into the blog and my social media profiles. Up until now we used the hashtag but that was about it!

I am all about spreading positivity and happiness, throughout the week I discover wonderful Instagram accounts, motivational people on twitter and inspirational blog posts and I thought why not share these on the blog every Friday, so here's this week's bundle of happy, warm, inspirational joy.

Blog Posts I've Loved This Week:

Betty's Week Off on Life Outside Of London


The gorgeous Michelle published this post written by her beautiful four legged friend. The way it reads just made me giggle so much and want a doggy friend myself! Hopefully one day. <3

An Ode To Small Things on Me and Orla


Sara's post about appreciating the little things whilst they're still little as well as little things that will always be little in your life really made me appreciate so much. It's one of those heart warming short posts that will pop a smile on your face.

Five Goals For The Rest of 2016 on Hannah Gale


Hannah Gale has always been top of my blog reading list for years, I love her relatable posts and this goal orientated post is super motivational. :)

How To Design A Life You Love on Bianca Bass


Bianca blogs about how to design your life, a really interesting concept when it comes to life living in general! How can you possibly expect to achieve your goals and dreams without designing and creating those ideas you aspire to achieve beforehand?!

Instagrammers I've Loved This Week:

I won't lie I have a slight addiction to Instagram, I find myself aimlessly scrolling through admiring allllll of the beautiful imagery at 1am most nights, when I really should be sleeping. Here are my four favourite instagrammars this week who have stunning accounts and beautiful souls.



Such pretty pics of buildings, flowers and the countryside.



Danielle has a fun and happy personality which really shines through on her Instagram account and through her gorgeous images.



Rachi posts inspirational quotes and bright airy pictures that really make you feel like you can do life!



Rebecca posts cake, flower and beauty photos, lets all just take a moment to appreciate cake photos in general. But as if this isn't enough, her cat is ADORABLE.

Twitter Friends I've Loved This Week:



Marc's sense of humour really tickles me, I love his tweets and I'm mind blown by how many twitter chats he manages to go to! They tend to slip my mind and are already half way through by the time I remember!



The beautiful Conney is just so lovely <3



Jane is such a down to earth wonderful tea lover. She's my kind of tweeter!



Sam is a really kind, caring person. He's pretty active on twitter and does AMAZING things for charity.

I'd love to know what blogs and social media profiles brought a smile to your face this week. :) Feel free to join in on #PositiveFriday and pop your favourites in the comments below. SHARING IS CARING PEOPLES.

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