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Positive Friday | 14th October 2016

Positive Friday | 14th October 2016


Happy Positive Friday lovelies! :) I hope you've had a very productive and scrumptious week so far and looking forward to all the weekend has to bring. I'm hoping for a very laid back, relaxing weekend to put a stop once and for all to this cold that has been hanging on for what feels like months. That's what working with kids does to you!


This week I've been teaching time telling to six and seven year olds. We started with the basics - o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to. As little minds often do, they caught on very quickly. One little boy put his hand up half way through the class.

Little boy: Okay, I think I understand. (points at the board where I had drawn a big clock.) It's Seven O'clock.

Me: Yes, Yes!! Well done that's fantastic.

Little boy: But, if it's not a clock, and we're looking at the time on a watch, then it's 7 O'Watch right?

Oh my goodness, my heart nearly burst out of my chest. Their logic at such a young age, especially in a foreign language amazes me, it really does.



On with the positive sharing, if you would like to take part via your own blog post or social media - sharing what you've loved online this week then please do!! Use #PositiveFriday, remember sharing is caring people, sharing is caring. ;)

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Emma Gannon's post "Just Do What You Love" Is Bad Career Advice. - As you know I'm a huge fan of Emma's writing and Podcast, I tune in every week whilst walking to work. This post in particular really got those rusty cogs in my mind whirring away.

This Gathered Nest Youtube Channel -. This incredible family is made up of a mum, dad and their five children, three of whom are adopted. I only discovered them today and I'm already hooked. They are such an inspiration for how much love we have within us to give to those around us. (ok, no more soppiness.)

Riyadh K Youtube Channel - Oh I love him. He makes me giggle so much and I always find his videos thoroughly entertaining. It may have something to do with that Irish accent, I could listen all day! His coming out story to his parents is pretty emotional and his video Donald Trump Lies Uncovered

Zoella -  I have been in awe of Zoe Sugg for so long, I just find her a huge inspiration. She works incredibly hard for all that she has and I really enjoyed her interview in Cosmopolitan UK magazine. I tend to be more drawn to her vlogging channel as I'm a sucker for being a nosey so and so.

The Unsorry Podcast - I literally find myself laughing out loud when I listen to this as I walk to work.

What have been your favourites on your internet travels this week? Let me know in the comments below!


Peta x

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