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Positive Friday | 21st October 2016

Positive Friday | 21st October 2016


Good mornning lovlies, I am sat here with a steaming cup of black tea ready to start the day! It is in fact Friday that I am writing this as with the blog poorliness this week I'm only just catching up with myself. I'm barefoot, (they're getting rather chilly I think fluffy socks are in order on this rainy Autumnal day.) and I've got that little nibble of excitement in the pit of my tummy when I think about all of the lovely things I have to share with you today.

As every Friday, I'd like to share some of the things I've stumbled across online this week that I have shared with friends and family alike. I hope you enjoy!

Christopher George's TIP of the week. A compilation of Ted Talks, Instagram Profiles and Photos - LOVE IT!

Fleur De Force is doing Vlogtober - It's every kind of wonderful.

Carrie's On Doing Absolutely Nothing - Sometimes we need to completely switch off and just be. This post has really brought it home to me how important that is and how much I need to take a moment and do absolutely nothing.

Sophie Cliff's Let's Talk - Sophie speaks out about feeling overwhelmed, grieving and anxiety. Something which needs to become less of a taboo for us all.

Rhiannon Ashlee's Vlogtober - Oh I just adore her and her little family!

Michelle's Little Acts Of Self Love - I can't begin to tell you how much I identified with this post, it's really very relatable for me right now. We often forget that we should do things for ourselves, little acts of self love, as well as those around us. A MUST MUST MUST read!!

Megs' At The Bottom- Another incredibly brave woman who has spoken out about not feeling like herself, depression and anxiety. A read for when you're feeling as if the whole world is positive and has so much going for them and you're one of the very few feeling like you just can't.

Laura off of Tiny Twisst Holiday Time Vlog - Venturing to Cornwall (this is where I'm originally from!) she shares a lovely, warming homely holiday.


Katy Mitten's The Next Step - It gave me goose bumps and brought me very very close to tears. No, you're an emotional wreck.

Sophie Cliff's 15 Things I Believe To Be True - I know, I've included Sophie twice this month. I'm not obsessing, honest! She's written some amazing posts this week that I've shared with those close to me. Thank you Sophie!!

Stef Rust's Documenting Your Life September - Such an incredible inspiration.

Hannah Gale's Instagram Stories - Oh they make me so hungry!!

What have you discovered online this week that you just had to share with those around you? I'd love to know! Either comment below of use #PositiveFriday on twitter or instagram.

Have a beautiful Friday!

Peta xx

What Happened When I Quit Sugar

What Happened When I Quit Sugar

It's ok not to have a niche - It's ok to just love blogging

It's ok not to have a niche - It's ok to just love blogging