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Positive Friday | 27th October 2016

Positive Friday | 27th October 2016


Hello loves, It's only Friday again, how I ask you, how on earth is it Friday already?! This week has just been an absolute whirlwind of forgetting everything (which reminds me I need to put my washing out), running around like a crazy person and not being as productive as I'd like and plenty of tea, copious amounts of tea.

Anywhoo, one of my favourite parts of the week is putting this Positive Friday post together, but my goodness does it take some time to gather all of the bits and bobs that I've shared with family and friends over the course of the week and pop it all into one nice, neat, little blog post.

I hope you enjoy this weeks selection of internet wonders.

Peta x

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Corrie's post on Not Being A Girl Boss All Of The Time

I think we all need little reminders here and there that we don't have to be on top of our game 24/7 to still be doing well at life. Sometimes it's okay to just not feel like it and not compare ourselves to those around us who we think are doing well.

Fleur's Latest Vlog - honestly, it's her dogs, they're just THE CUTEST!!

Amanda Boote's Halloween Stuffed Peppers


They're rather spook-tabulous aren't they!

Amelia's Pumpkin Spiced Cakes


I cannot wait to try out Amelia's recipe this weekend for these scrumptious looking cakes high in vitamin C as well as Vitamins A and E found in the pumpkin.

Alice Kristiansen's cover of Somebody Else by The 1975

Sophie's post on The Importance Of Kindess


The Youngs Youtube Channel - oh my goodness they're just the loveliest, most down to earth family and I adore their vlogs. You can see their latest one here:

From Lucy With Love Blog - Instagram - Lucy is such a lovely person and I really love scrolling through her instagram feed! It just feels so homely and welcoming!

Not Such A Bad Day

The very inspirational Ksenia from The Life Degree is currently running her campaign to raise money for the Children's Charity War Child called "Not Such a Bad Day". Her aim is to spread positivity and kindness, showing people the options that are open to them to improve their days - whilst raising money for charity. Pretty cool right? Please do pop over and read the full story here.

You can also follow Ksenia on twitter, which is how I discovered her and the incredible things that she does!

I hope you've enjoyed this week's share-y post!


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