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Positive Friday | 30th September 2016

Positive Friday | 30th September 2016


Good morning wonderful peoples, Happy Positive Friday! I'm so happy we are just two handfuls of working hours away from the weekend. Here are some of the things that I've really loved on my internet travels this week:

Logging Out by Emma Gannon

A great post that really got those little rusty cogs in my noggin whirring and turning. Emma writes about how when we log out, and resist the temptation to check social media, our emails, work etc. The world doesn't suddenly seize to exist, it carries on and quite honestly very few notice your absence for a short period of time. A nice little reminder for the weekend I think!

How To Have  A Better Day Than The One You're Having by Michelle 

Michelle off of Life Outside London blog shares her tips on turning a bad day into a good day. It is definitely one to bookmark for those mornings you get out of the bed on the wrong side. We all have them, it's absolutely normal, but we can also all do something about them, and make our day a tiny, little bit nicer.

Stef Rust

Stef Rust is an amazing videographer on Youtube who is not only incredibly whimsical in his editing, capturing beautiful moments - especially sunsets. Somehow perfecting the art of wonderful story telling through his monthly life documents and vlogs, he is a very inspirational and motivational human being and one you should most definitely check out!

Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

I have this thing with vlogs, I just really enjoy watching other people's lives. They don't even have to be doing anything particularly exciting and I still really enjoy sitting down with a good old cuppa and catching up with them as if they're a friend. I only just discovered Rhiannon Ashlee , I am probably very late to the party but there we go! I've always been a pretty broody person but oh my goodness, her vlogs of her pregnancy and newborn have taken that to a whole new level. (Let's hope the boy doesn't read that last sentence because he may just run a mile.) I am in no way ready to have a baby yet, I mean I struggle to look after myself and three very furry cat babies, but her vlogs still fill me with all the lovely happy baby feels.

Tiny Twist Vlogs

Once again, it's like watching and catching up with a friend, I really love keeping up to date with Laura's vlogs. She's such a lovely, down to earth person.

Image from bored panda

Bear Cubs

For when you need a little pick me up and a smile popped on your face - scroll through these gorgeous images of mother bears and their bear cubs. Heart melting I tell you! Heart melting.

lottiebanks_wrencottage on Instagram

Such a lovely warming lady with a beautiful Instagram account that makes me feel all joyful and fuzzy inside!

Helena Elliott on Instagram

Helena is a kind and caring soul who posts magical pictures on my favourite social media platform. I am so excited that she is going to be starting a blog soon. Sometimes you discover certain people and you're like oh my goodness you would make such a good blogger. She's one of those...

I could actually natter on about a few more favourites this week but I think I'll leave it there because

a) there is no tea left in my mug.

b) Katie cat has spent the whole time I've been typing this wandering back and forth over the keyboard, head butting the screen in an attempt to snuggle it and nearly knocked over my now empty mug twice.

c) there is no tea left in my mug.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I'd love to hear what internet favourites you have this week in the comments below or on social media! Tweet me or use #PositiveFriday on instagram. 


Peta x

If you have a little spare moment and fancy seeing the life of a cat lady there are a few vlogs over on my Youtube Channel :)

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