Positive Fridays

Friday mornings are always challenging, it's getting through the long day ahead counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until you run out of work screaming "woohooo it's the freaking weekend" whilst stripping that stuffy work outfit off your body quicker than you can say I'll have a large glass of red please. Bit too much? Possibly, although the feeling is very real. A couple of months ago, on a Friday morning I sat in the car with Adam moaning about the long day ahead of us and why oh why couldn't it just be Saturday already?! We decided that Fridays would become Positive Fridays or as Adam likes to call them Pozzy Fridays.

On a Friday morning we run through everything we are grateful for and what we would like to manifest into our lives. We spread the word around work that it's Positive Friday, by  the end of the day people can't help but smile at our crazy outbursts of positivity. As Positive Friday is a big part of our week offline we thought we should bring it into our online worlds too.

Every Friday I'll write a little positive quote post as well as using #pozzyfriday on the social media platforms I use and I'd love for you to join me! So, little positive one what are you going to ramble on about today?


Don't settle, don't ever settle. Be all that you can be, live life with passion, make huge mistakes and learn from them. Live up to your own expectations, and make sure you set the bar high. You can do and be all that you could ever imagine, you just need courage.

Day 6 of the 1 year challenge:

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