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Precious Moments

Precious Moments


What are you most looking forward to as you get older?

I'd describe myself as farsighted when it comes to life. I take immense joy in talking about the future, creating plans and day dreaming about what life holds in the years to come. I'm aware that as well as looking forward, I should also appreciate the here and now, something I have to remind myself to do on a regular basis. I effortlessly get caught up in the whirlwind of shimmering sparkles I imagine my life will become.

I believe in the law of attraction. "The law of attraction states that every positive or negative event that happened with you was attracted by you." What you think about you bring about and for this reason I try hard to concentrate on positive life changes for the future rather than worrying about what may be. Instead of concentrating on the negative aspects of life, (I was going to write a nice ranty post today) I felt it was important to pour my heart into what I'm looking forward to in the future, which is why I opened my Dear Future Me journal today and stumbled upon this little gem of a question.


As I get older I have found that I'm becoming calmer possibly more hesitant, instead of jumping in feet first as my younger, naΓ―ve, self would have done without a backwards glance, I carefully assess situations. Reading these words has made me question whether this is a positive attribute of my personality or a negative consequence of aging.

I look forward to making sensible decisions, having back up security money in place without exception and being financially abundant. I look forward to being wealthy; in my relationships with others, my health and monetarily.


I have high hopes of seeing how this blog grows, I'm excited to see how my YouTube channel flourishes and my online presence blossoms.

I honestly can't wait to buy my own house, doing it up and decorating my little haven with homely treasures, an abundance of nick nacks, pictures, prints, photos and furniture that tell the stories of my life through their unusual textures, pretty cottage like colours and joyful exteriors.


Tentatively, in the early hours of the morning when sleep eludes me I allow myself to think momentarily of the little family I hope I'll be lucky enough to have one day. Having children has always perched right at the top of my aspirations. I imagine, just for a second, what that particular leg of my journey will be like.

Wishing that one day I will work from home full time on my own business and projects has consistently made it to second place on every goal board, bucket list and dreams agenda I have created since my teen years.

I know that some of the constants in my life, the people I love so very much, will grow and change with time and I'm secure in the knowledge that I will stay in touch with these beautiful souls, overjoyed as I watch them evolve and accomplish their own desires. There are people that come and go through our lives, whom I also look forward to meeting, knowing that each individual will leave an impression on me in some way or another, but there are others, who differ from the passerbyers.

Those who seem to have a life path similar to my own, sure it shoots off into a completely different direction at times, it may take a U-turn when I continue straight on or go under the bridge as I speed over, but during the years, my path seems to continuously become entwined and entangled with there's. Something I will always be grateful for.


I anticipate the person I will become, I hope she will be kind and caring, full of joy, empathy, love and positivity.

Most of all I look forward to the experiences and precious moments I will spend with the very special people in my life.These moments come in all shapes and sizes, two minute phone calls, flashes of laughter as tears roll down my cheeks. Tickles and giggles in the park or lying on my best friend's carpet surrounded my cats and tea.

I'm sure there will be breath taking events, creating memories that will stand the test of time. Silent star gazing and excited hugs at airports, hands clasped tightly upon take off bound to a yet to be decided destination. Deep, tipsy conversations sat on the cold kitchen floor debating life, the universe and all that's in between.


The discovery of previously unknown places and the comfort of finding my way back to that special spot. The mundane mid-week sofa dinners whilst watching a new Netflix series I'm completely addicted to and the lazy Sunday mornings pottering about. The wanders down countryside lanes and watching awe-inspiring sunrises and tranquil sunsets.

Those precious moments that add a little sparkle to life.

After all, what is life without precious moments?



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