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Quality Over Quantity | Why Daily Blogging Isn't For Me

Quality Over Quantity | Why Daily Blogging Isn't For Me


Two hundred and fifty seven days ago I set myself the challenge to blog every day for three hundred and sixty five days. This has always been strenuous, finding time each day to sit down and create a blog post is something that plays on my mind. If I'm not thinking about today's post I'm thinking about tomorrow's, and recently I've started to feel like this has become more of a curse and a hindrance than a hobby I find joy in. Whilst achieving the goals we set is important, we must also recognise when the goal posts change. As we grow and evolve our goals and how we wish to live our life also changes.

I mentioned a few days ago that a friend asked me why I blog. I automatically replied because I enjoy it. But the unquestionable pressure I have put on myself to create a blog post every twenty four hours, whilst holding down a full time - pretty demanding - job as well as all of the other life 'things' we must find headspace for, means that I no longer enjoy it. In fact, right now I feel like I rarely have time to enjoy anything. (Reading that back is painful)

For the past four days, I've really mulled this thought over. Blogging has almost become robotic for me, somewhere along the way I became more fixated on the numbers than the act. Numbers that one day can have me on cloud nine, feeling like a girl boss and as if I'm about to become the next Zoella, to the very next day, when the numbers aren't looking as good, bringing me crashing down to ground with an almighty thump and a self esteem level to match.

I have become obsessed with the number of followers on social media platforms, the amount of views, the quantity of likes, how many click throughs I get every day and my google analytics bounce rate. I have become so obsessed with how well the blog is doing that I forgot why I started it in the first place.

Numbers shouldn't define a person, be it blog statistics, age, followers, dress size, how many people a person has slept with or how many energy balls someone chooses to devour in one sitting. Numbers should never define a person, and yet we allow them to. I've decided that 2017 will not be defined by numbers, I have many intentions for 2017, of which I will write about in a separate post so as not to go off on a tangent.

Sometimes we need reminding of why we started something in the first place, it is undeniably easy to be swept up in the all consuming river that is life. Much like a river, it twists and turns and somehow we must learn to twist and turn with it, adapting and adjusting as required.

I started this blog as a place to journal, a nook in which to voice my opinions, my very own little plant based recipe note book, to record my life and share what I learn on my journey along the river. I started vlogging to record my life - archives to look back on in years to come and smile. Videos, memories and moments to show my children and grandchildren.

To Record [verb] - to set down in writing or the like, as for the purpose of preserving evidence. 

I'd like to preserve memories that would other wise be forgotten. I don't wish to keep a blog which has some precious memories and useful recipes I know I will use often, mixed in with random posts that have taken 10 minutes to create on my lunch break. In doing so, I feel like it taints the special content that I do wish to keep.

So, I'd like you to raise your glass (or in my case, mug of tea) to not being defined by numbers and to quality over quantity.

How often can you expect to hear from me? I'll be posting be posting twice or even thrice a week, and there are bound to be weeks where there will be a post every day. But for now, for 2017, I'm taking the pressure off, I'm going to be kind to myself and to my blog, and treat it with the love and respect it deserves.

I created this little space and I intend on caring for it in the very best way I possibly can.




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