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Rebellious Snap

Rebellious Snap


Another Sunday, another weekly round up. This weekly round up is accompanied by a weekend blog, as of Monday I'll be uploading weekly vlogs which will jazz up my round ups a tad! I've spent the week organising, cleaning the flat, cuddling cats that I missed ever so much during my trip back to the UK, washing a suitcase full of clothes and focusing on the blog and vlog. Editing July's Vlog was such a mission, it took days but I'm really pleased with how it turned out.


Sitting the sofa, writing this post, it feels like the first time in quite a while that I've just sat and not had a to do list as long as my arm or people to see. The whirlwind of sorting began as soon as I landed on Tuesday evening and I've been busy ever since.

I spent this weekend with Rhiân, we planned on swimming in the pool, doing yoga and relaxing. We actually played snap, watched the whole second series of Gavin and Stacey, drank numerous cups of tea and worked on our respective blogs. After Rhiân left I went on a lovely wander with my sister through a gorgeous National Park close to home.

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There's always an uneasy feeling when you find yourself alone after spending a few weeks surrounded by others. I almost want to say "oh hello you, it's been a while!" to myself. Candles are lit, a cup of steaming hot tea is balanced carefully on the arm of a sofa covered in cat hair and Ben Howard is playing in the background. I guess it's moments like this when you gather your thoughts, process recent events and try get your head around life a little bit.

It's a little bit overwhelming isn't it? Life I mean, not the cup of tea balanced on the arm of a cat haired sofa, that, you'd almost expect. But life isn't, life is rarely what you expect it to be and we need quiet breathers every now and again even if we don't realise it.

I want to do and be so many things, I find I'm constantly on the go, never pausing, rarely allowing my mind a moment's peace. I want to push my blog, vlogs and other projects I have on the go, I want to grow my social media channels, I want to get fitter, I want to eat less and be slimmer. I want to be a great daughter, a lovely sister, a caring girlfriend, a wonderful friend and an awesome best friend. I want to prepare myself for the upcoming school year, create lesson plans and materials for tricky classes I know I'll be faced with in just a few weeks. I want to concoct new plant based recipes, that are not only healthy, refined sugar free (so that I can eat them) but also taste delicious. I want to have a sparkling clean flat and meditate every day. I want to finish the three books I currently have on the go, and tend to to the growing list of podcasts I have yet to dedicate a little time to.

The list goes on and whilst this is overwhelming, and these things are constantly circling in my mind I don't see it as impossible. A couple of months ago I'd have buckled, I did a few times. I felt overpowered by life but there's been a shift, somewhere along the rocky road I found my mojo again.

I found that girl that wants to be everything she can be and she really believes she can do it. She had disappeared for, well, quite possibly for a few years and has woken up from hibernation, sleepily opened her eyes squinting at the daylight, stretched her arms out and said "come on then, what are we waiting for?!"

So this uneasy moment of quiet is a very brief little pit stop to gather energy before that girl gives it all she's got.

Here's this weekend's vlog : <3 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXafMqdoGkA]


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