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A Recipe For A Good Day

A Recipe For A Good Day


I've come to realise that although we can't force a good day to happen, there are things that we can do at the start of the day that will inevitably make any day a little bit better. This list is what turns my day from okay to great, of course it will be different for everyone. What's on your list?

Setting the alarm a little earlier.

Are you crazy?! Possibly, but hear me out on this one! If I start the day running around like a headless chicken before hastily leaving home forgetting everything I needed to take with me I know that I'm not exactly on the road to a great day.

By giving myself a little extra time in the morning to have breakfast, enjoy a cup of tea and take things a little slower I keep a calm head on my shoulders.

Sunday morning pancakes

A yummy breakfast.

I am all about food - in case you hadn't noticed! So having a really hearty breakfast is so important for me. I really enjoy making pancakes if I have plenty of time or delving into a bowl of overnight oats prepared the night before.


Is a good day even a good day without tea? It really isn't for me! That steaming mug of joy fuels my day from the moment I tiptoe into my kitchen barefoot to the moment I sleepily turn off the lights before bed.



Reading calms my mind and also gets the cogs whirling giving me inspiration, often giving me thought provoking topics to consider on the way to work. When I take the time to read a blog post, or the latest novel balancing off the side of my night stand I seem to start the day off in a completely different way.


Be it in my journal or here on the blog - writing in the mornings calms me and gets all of the thoughts in my mind down on paper, relieving the stress of keeping it all in. I include to do lists in this which are my saviour.



In an ideal world I'd love to be able to cuddle my other half every morning, but being in a long distance relationship definitely has the con of not being able to do this. However I'll happily settle for cat cuddles which are nearly as good.


Just before hopping in the shower I pop a good old tune on, I love singing along as I splash about in the bathroom. It quickly puts me in a great mood.

Looking Good.

Taking the time to do my hair and make up (which is a rare occurrence I must say) always gives me a little more confidence and skip in my step.

taking breaks

Exercise & Stretching.

The difference in my state of mind and mood when I exercise and stretch in the morning is insane. Some mornings I only have time for a 10 minute yoga routine and stretch but it sets me up for the day.

Meditating & Goals.

I try to take 10 minutes for meditating and 10 minutes for goal setting in my mind each day. I meditate by closing my eyes and concentrating on my breathing. My goal setting also involves closing my eyes - imagining what my life will be like in the future, very much like mindful daydreaming. If I get too excited or restless I'll grab my journal and jot down my hopes and dreams that are playing on my mind.


I smile A LOT. At friends and family, to myself, to the cats, students even strangers. Why? Because it makes me feel good and I usually get a smile in return which is lovely too.

Whats your recipe for a good day?

Watching the sunrise

Watching the sunrise

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