Saturday Loveliness

Good Morning, Only just morning mind, I'm sitting down to type this, with a steaming cup of tea at 11:58 on Sunday morning. Wait. What?

I know, I've been so on my blogging game recently with getting posts ready at least one day in advance and scheduling them up, but I took yesterday for me. I just did what I wanted really. I aimed to sit down and write a post last night but I ended up Facetiming my favourite person instead and watching a Netflix TV show with him.


I took myself on a little bike ride to the beach yesterday, sat on the sand and watched the world go. Dogs splashed about in the waves that gently rolled in on the shore, older Spanish ladies dared go into the water for a Saturday morning dip. Toddlers bashed their buckets with their plastic spades and parents tilted their heads back laughing in the sun. Sailing boats glided in the water on the horizon, a few souls, like me, lay on the sand just taking it all in, soaking up the warming rays and seaside whispers.




I sat there for at least half an hour before cycling home. Once home I gave the cats a few cuddles, showered, popped on some comfy leggings and a hoodie, and headed into town with my family for a wander.

roasted chestnuts

We stopped off at the roasted chestnut stand, the town is full of them right now, and the lady filled a little brown paper bag with hot chestnuts quite literally bursting at the seams.

We walked down The Rambla, my arm linked with my sisters, my parents holding hands in front of us, with the late afternoon sunshine breaking through the gaps in between the buildings that towered above us. There was just something so lovely (for lack of a better word) about that moment.


I went to the parent's for dinner, they have British TV so we watched "Meet The Parents" on ITV which I honestly love nearly as much as I used to love Blind Date or Take Me Out. I'm a sucker for anything like that. Then I headed home and facetimed the boy.

This simple Saturday was just what I needed, it was perfect.