Searching For a Glimpse Of Wonderful At A Tragic Time | Wonderful Wednesday Número 23 of 2018

Searching For a Glimpse Of Wonderful At A Tragic Time | Wonderful Wednesday Número 23 of 2018

A Wonderful Wednesday post I never thought I'd write, yet if I don't write this week, when do I start again? Do I brush over a horrific tragedy, pretending that it never happened, returning next week as if I'd just forgotten this week's post, or do I face it, head on? This space is my safe space, it's where I write about everything and anything. It's where I pour my feelings onto a page, to make some kind of sense of them. 

These Wonderful Wednesday posts are all about searching for the wonderful in each week, being mindful and taking note. It's one of those weeks where having that Wonderful Mindset is a little more difficult for me, however I feel like I have to search for some kind of light in this awfully dark time. 

On Monday evening, one of our beloved young teenaged students was brutally murdered in an unforgiveably horrendous way. One of the brightest, most beautiful, kindest souls you could ever come across. A smile that spread from ear to ear for everyone and anyone. A heart full of only goodness. The shock has passed somewhat and it's left anger, fury and rage in its wake. When something like this happens in a sleepy coastal town, it hurts every single person in the area. Our community feels like it is bleeding, questions filled the streets yesterday, today there is only silence. Silence because there are no real answers to the whys. 

"What wonderful can be found at a time like this?" I asked myself this morning as I walked to work.

It's being greeted with a silent hug. It's the squeeze of a hand at the memorial service. It's a group of teachers desperately clinging onto each other. It's the two or three word messages sent and received throughout the day "Hey, you okay?" , "I'm here. x" , "We'll do it together". It's a deafening applause that went on for over a minute from a congregation of what must have been over a thousand people, an applause that shouted we love you. It's a town square absolutely filled with candles, flowers, teddies, cards and posters. It's hugs from students and parents alike, it's arm squeezes as someone passes by. That gentle nod from a grandparent of a student. It's watching a father and daughter on the street opposite waiting for the traffic lights to change, he kisses the top of her head, she turns and asks why, he says "just because".

It's feeling hot water rain over your head and shoulders in the shower after a sleepless night. A soft, clean towel to dry off with. It's the comfort of an old dressing gown. It's the steaming hot sip of tea. It's making tea for others, greatfully received, maybe even just to hold and not drink at all. It's telling those around you that you love them, feeling like you now mean it just that little bit more. It's random hugs at the photocopier. It's a bowl of hot soup. It's the smell of home as you walk through the door. It's the glimpse of a smile in a classroom when you've managed to take a child's mind off the recent events. 

It's noticing the tiniest of wonderful moments, if only to show the world that darkness will not drown us. That there will always be light, no matter what.