See with just our eyes

See with just our eyes

I visited La Sagrada Familia last weekend, as well as it's incredible beauty and interesting history I was struck by something else. Every single visitor was looking at this amazing example of unique architecture through a lens.

la sagrada familia

Phones, cameras and tablets were tightly clasped in front of each individual as they "snapped" the moment forever in time.

At the risk of sounding very hypocritical, as I myself had 3 cameras - two for vlogging and my phone for taking photos, why do we feel the need to capture these 'moments' that aren't really moments at all. If we're too busy taking photos we can't create the memories we are hoping to freeze in a frame forever.


Once I had paused and opened my eyes to my surroundings, realising that I too wasn't really taking in the beauty before me, I put my cameras and phone away and walked around the Basilica taking in all of the details.

Sometimes we need to stop and see with just our eyes.

Peta x