Sensible Me

Last night I bailed on friends due to feeling a little under the weather opting for a night snuggled by the fire, pouring my heart into writing instead of dancing my little socks off at a club in town. It was the right thing to do, I'm rarely sensible but I'm pleased that I decided to be so last night. This morning I awoke feeling rested, healthy and full of energy. Sometimes we need to take a step back and listen to our bodies, we need rest and it's so easy to go full force at the weekend and consequently pay for it during the week. Five friends messaged me this morning regarding their hangovers, none of them know each other. I found it puzzling that they would all choose to message me looking for sympathy and advice around the same time on a Sunday morning. I questioned one of them as to why five seperate people would be messaging me with the sole purpose of sharing their hangovers with me, his reply was "You make people feel better, that's what you do." And those simple words brightened my day.

Anyway let's get onto my weekly round up! It's been a super busy week, I think I write those particular words every Sunday. I went to a very cool seminar in Barcelona on Tuesday  morning, caught up on all of the extra work I had left to do, I have been silly, playful and back to my normal self full of energy and giggles. I think the elderly swimmers at the gym on Thursday prefer the serious me, they weren't so impressed by my lunges across the bottom of the pool, my pencil dive or the fact that I can bounce my way from one end to the other. Oh well! You can't please everybody ;) . Let's take a look at my week in pictures...

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Nothing is ordinary... not even the trees at the end of your lane.

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I had apple and ginger oat pancakes for breakfast yet again, because I'm obsessed with them right now.

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Ginger energy balls with an apple and orange smoothie. It really is the best second breakfast ever ever ever. What's in the smoothie? Literally just an apple and an orange. Simples.

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Little black and white selfie because I'm classy like that ;)

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I start most mornings with headspace, yoga and lemon & ginger tea. That's a lie, I don't start most mornings that way. I start most mornings downing a smoothie, grabbing my gym bag and running out of the house because I'm late. But this is how yesterday morning started. (I do do headspace and yoga but it's usually whenever I have a spare half an hour and can squeeze it in.)

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I took myself off for a cycle down to the beach yesterday and splashed my little feet around in the sea because I'm cool like that.

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I've also been practicing my headstands...rather proud of myself!

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This little munchkin rests her head on my lap every time I meditate with headspace. If I'm running around and haven't found time by lunchtime she will sit in my spot and meow until I give in and sit down. Once I've meditated for 15 mins she'll happily get on with her day. She's the boss ;).

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Beach walks make my heart happy...

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I did plenty of batch cooking today. It's always difficult to find time to cook during the week so it's nice to have lots of healthy, warming meals waiting in the fridge when I get home from work late at night. You can find the recipes here:

Roasted Squash & Chickpea Curry Beetroot & Coconut Soup Mediterranean Green Beads Healthy Tea Loaf

This week on instagram I have loved Emily Quinton, her images are just so incredibly beautiful.


The YouTube video I have loved has to be The Michalaks vlog again, they went snowboarding and skiing last week and some of their footage is just breathtaking.

Well that's all from me this week friends! May your Sunday evening be cozy, peaceful and lovely.

Me x