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September 2016 Blog Stats

September 2016 Blog Stats

Good Morning! Can you believe it's October?! Happy October! I can't quite believe pumpkin season is upon us, as is hat wearing, glove donning and scarf wrapping time too. I'm always exited by this time of year, however feeling under the weather this past week has left me a little deflated and just wanting to curl up and hibernate for winter.

The last thing I wanted to do was sit down and write a blog post when I got home from work tonight. (I'm currently writing this on Friday night at 22:39 to be exact.) But in all honesty, taking a look and comparing my stats has put me in such an awesome mood! I felt like I'd made little progress towards my goals until I sat down and checked out the numbers. I'm actually rather surprised!


With a lack of routine and getting used to fitting my blogging life around my teaching life once again, I thought 24 Hours In Today was going to suffer somewhat during September, but it seems to have flourished with the falling of the leaves and shortening of days. I can't thank each and every reader, follower, liker and subscriber enough. To think that my posts have been read over a thousand times this month blows my mind.

I could ramble on for ages but I think the numbers do a much better job of showing you just how much the blog and social media profiles have progressed during this month.

Blog Visitors and Views

  • 2016 GOAL: 4000 VIEWS | 2000 VISITORS IN ONE MONTH

June 2016: 349 views | 147 visitors | 13 comments

July 2016: 414 views | 168 visitors | 26 comments

August 2016: 842 views | 435 visitors | 39 comments

September 2016: 1150 Views | 362 Visitors | 45 comments



11th July 2016 : 0 followers

23rd August 2016: 474 followers

30th September 2016: 1265 followers




2nd August 2016: 142 followers

23rd August 2016: 474 followers

30th September 2016: 1029 followers



August 2016 Blog Lovin’ Followers: 6

September 30th 2016 Bloglovin' Followers: 32



August 2016: 8 Subscribers

30th September 2016: 20 Subscribers


Posting these stats is my way of keeping a record of the blog's progress. It also helps me to stay motivated and really consider my goals and how far I've come when I feel like giving up.

Blogging is tough at times, especially when you're nearly six months into successfully daily blogging for a whole year. I wouldn't change this blog for the world, but like most things that are worth while it has it's really difficult moments so these numbers really spur me to keep on going.

As well as a certain someone who has an unwavering belief in me. Talking to me for hours upon hours about what I would like to do with this ever growing creation, and makes sure I keep creating content even when I threaten to give up - saying that actually I don't want to daily blog any more. "Ermmm yes you do Peta, you'll regret it tomorrow so just type." He's right, to be honest he's rarely wrong...

Here's to October, and here are some milestones I'd like to hit in the month of all things pumpkin spiced, cinnamon smelling and Halloween scaring:

Blog views: 1500 Blog Visitors: 500

Instagram followers: 2500

Twitter followers: 2000

Bloglovin' followers: 60

Youtube Subscribers: 40


What are your goals for October? Please do comment below, it makes me unbelievably giddy to read your comments and chat to those who have taken the time to read my post and write a little note.

May all of your goals and wishes come true during the tenth month.


Peta x

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