Shaking things up a little...

Sometimes it's good to shake things up a little, we can all succumb to a monotonous routine that quickly becomes stagnant and boring, making us feel like we're not progressing at all. The best way of dealing with those slumps for me is mixing up my days . I've always been one for working out in the mornings, waking up at the crack of dawn and hitting the gym, followed by a quick shower and off to work for the day. At lunch time I get home and work on some kind of project I've got on the go and then run back to work again for the afternoon. Once I'm home in the evening I tackle household chores, writing a blog post for the next day andΒ editing videos for my Youtube channel - rarely making it to bed before 1am. At weekends I'll prepare for the week and before you know it it's Monday morning again and I hop back onto my theoretical (sometimes it feels oh so very real) hamster wheel and continue on with my week.

changing routine

I'm not saying I find this particularly depressing, I find security in routine. I feel safe knowing exactly what I'm going to do next, but guess what? It gets boring. Doing the same old, same old is always going to get boring at some point. So I've vowed to go C-R-A-Z-Y. Oh yes, my friends, CRAZY I tell you, crazy.

In all seriousness I am changing my routine slightly, I spent this weekend with my family, going for a wander around town followed by a few drinks in a bar. On Sunday I pottered around the house doing nothing in particular, I spent a huge part of it under a duvet with my little, furry, ginger amigo. It was every kind of wonderful. I feel refreshed and recharged ready for the week ahead.

It's Monday as I write this and guess what? I'm not writing it at 11:30pm when I have no inspiration or energy left in me to tap away at the keyboard in front of me. It's Monday morning and I've cleaned the flat a little, planned my classes and done a spot of socialising on the old twitter and Instagram. I'm writing this post for tomorrow before popping off to work and going to a yoga class this evening. It feels pretty liberating to do things differently if I'm honest.

As Paulo Coelho once said "If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal."Β 

How could you spark up your days a little? You don't need a huge change to make a difference in your daily goings on.

I hope this has inspired you to shake things up a little.

Shake it like a Polaroid pictuuuuure (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)