The Short Cuts To Life

During the month of July, I decided to embark upon an Alice in Wonderland project with my teen students. We're reading the book and watching the film. Chatting about the differences between both, learning a gorgeous selection of unusual words and discussing the crazy ideas and inventions mentioned in this iconic story.

Today we touched upon the subject of the magic potion that makes Alice smaller and the biscuits which make her bigger. I asked my students what kind of products they would create if they could and the list was endless. A biscuit that makes you speak any language in the world for two days. A glass of water that teleports you to another place rendering any kind of travel unnecessary, and even a cake that makes you intelligent for a few hours enabling you to pass any exam without studying at all.
It got me thinking about how, as humans, we're always looking for shortcuts. I often have to remind myself not to fall into the comparison trap, especially whilst online - this trap is a surefire way to reach Shortcut Ville. How can I get that many followers? How can I get fitter, more toned, lose weight, put on weight? How can I reach a wider audience with my blog? How do I get more views on my videos? Just a quick google of "How can I get more followers?" returns more than 30 million results. World, we have a problem.
We can spend hours upon hours researching shortcuts, the how to's and the get rich quick plans but at the end of the day, the only way to properly reach where we're aiming for is hard work. The only way we get the experience required for such positions is by putting in the effort, making mistakes and learning as we go.
Some of the best memories we have, are not once we reach the destination but during the journey. It's what we learn along the way and how that changes us which makes us wiser, kinder, more loving and caring human beings.
The no short cut rules.
  • Nothing is ever an over night success. Ever. It can look that way on the outside but behind the apparent burst into the universe is a whole lot of blood sweat and tears.
  • Consistency beats everything else. Work for what you want every single day, consistency is key.
  • Act on ideas. An idea isn't going to work unless you do. We all know the song... WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK!
  • Stop researching shortcuts. Generally speaking you have all that you need within you, take the advice with a pinch of salt and if it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

We spend so much time complaining that we don't have what we want. Trying to find out how others have gotten to where they are today, and figuring out the special formula which will enable us to do the same. We have our own lives to live and our own paths to follow, but if we choose to copy or not try at all, we won't get anywhere close to where we could be.