26 Signs that you're a cat lady - even if you won't admit it.

26 Signs that you're a cat lady - even if you won't admit it.

For years I denied my crazy cat lady status, I know I know, with four cats, that's a pretty big thing to deny. However, over the years, my love has grown for these three little bundles of joy, all of whom were not invited into my home. With the love, came proudness - I'm a cat mumma, and a proud one and that. Little by little I came to accept the fact that I am a cat lady, and if nothing else it means I bond with other cat mums instantly. Winner. I scribbled together a little list of the tell tale signs of being a cat lady just in case you - my friend, are in denial. The hardest part is admitting it, then comes the best part - embracing it ;)


  1. Whenever a cat is close, these is some kind of weeeeird magnetic attraction thing going on between you and the cat. This goes for pretty much any cat, your friends, your neighbours, the cat you met on holiday and fostered for a week.
  2. You love your cat so much you just want to squish it's little face in your hand.
  3. Sometimes you cuddle your cat so tightly it makes that little noise like one of those baby toy's you had when you were about as big as your little treasure.
  4. You are easily offended by "non-cat people" who don't like cats, excuuuuse me, you obviously haven't met my cat.
  5. You talk to your cat as if it is a person, because well, it kinda is.
  6. Whilst talking to the little ball of fluff you pause in the conversation for their reply, nod your head in agreement saying I knowwww, I knowwww. The Story Of Arthur Cat
  7. You have more photos on your phone of your cat than you do of your friends.
  8. Having a little furry friend to accompany you to the toilet is completely normal. Only cat owners really know what closing the bathroom door equals - a rather scratched bathroom door and plenty of meowing.
  9. When they don't come home at bedtime you start to fret. Where are they? What are they doing? Where did they go? Surely this is what having teenage kids is like. arthur2
  10. When asked if you live alone you reply oh no I live with my fur babies.
  11. When asked if you have children you do that false laugh, smiling you say only my cats!
  12. Places a cat is not allowed to sleep: Kitchen side, dining table, in the wardrobe; ONLY places a cat will sleep: Kitchen side, dining table, in the wardrobe.
  13. Meeting someone for the first time and they say they're also a cat owner -#InstantConnection. katietip
  14. You spend a small fortune on pet food each month.
  15. You also spend a small fortune on anti flee treatment each month and your angel absolutely hates you for it.
  16. You prefer upsetting a close family member to your cat because the wrath of a scorned cat is unreal.
  17. You have yet to leave the house without being covered in cat hair. tina
  18. There's a special voice you save for cats, similar to the one you have for babies, but cooler - way cooler.
  19. You don't remember a Christmas where you haven't put the tree up, and then put it up again, and again, and again... because your cat knows it's their personal festive climbing frame.
  20. Your little angelic angel of angelness brings you (horrible) presents in the form of once living things, still living things and mouldy leaves making you feel guilty when you don't thank them.
  21. Attempting yoga cat-less will forever be a distant memory, oh well who needs to be alone when your connecting with your inner goddess anyway. Not you, that's for sure.
  22. The precise and meticulous planning and ninja stealth it takes to put a cat into a cat carrier is insane... you've perfected this art.
  23. Spending £1,293,382 on cat toys when you first get a cat and then realising that a cardboard box is just as good.
  24. Lost kirby grips or hairbands are a thing of the past, they'll be safely guarded for you in your cats secret hiding place. It's just a matter of finding said hiding place.
  25. Snuggling in bed only ever lasts a very short period of time because within minutes you will have a lion attacking your feet.
  26. Never understanding why cats sprint from one room to the next. Like why are you rushing and what are you doing!?

26 Signs You're A Crazy Cat Lady / Man.

This post was written in collaboration with my bestest friend in the whole wide world - Laura. <3

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