Sitges is one of my favourite places. It holds so many memories for me, my first home when I moved to Spain, the town I went to school in and the dance floors I graced as a teen when I first ventured into the unknown world of nightlife, bars and (not) being ID'ed. It's a beautiful town which overflows with energy, happiness and fun. Packed full of history, ambience and stunning architecture.

Known as the gay capital of Europe is has oodles of flamboyance and freedom. It is where anyone can be exactly whom they wish to be.

The streets are full of expensive, high quality boutiques. The estate agents boast luxurious properties for the millionaires of the world and the port is a whole new level upper class.

Yet, there is something so welcoming about this elite little town. Something homely with it's golden beaches, beautiful buildings and quaint streets.

As I walk these streets, with every corner turned a memory will flash into my head. Untold stories of happy, silly, wonderful and sometimes sad times.

Insignificant spots that make me smile with the knowledge that I will make many more memories in this lively, lovely town.

Sitges, you will always be one of my special places.